Finding peace within is a process.


Man’s biggest wish is inner peace & tranquility. And he will achieve a harmonious mind when he clears his mind from all evil that is surrounding his chaotic thoughts & feelings.


What is preventing man from creating a more tranquil mind? It’s becoming true to his self.


I have witness that man cannot live a peaceful life as a liar. When man fabricate lies about his self, his achievements, his ego, his personality starts to become undesirable, fake and eventually becomes unhappy with his self.


Man cannot stand looking at the mirror to a false self, a hypocrite a fake self. So what does a man have to do?


Man can live a peaceful life but he which I considered the “un-peaceful” man has to be honest with himself.


When he stops living a lie he cannot hold or keep up this is when man transcends and starts his process or ending mental torment and initialize internal peace.


What bothers an un-peaceful man is a lie that will soon blow up in his face. A lie that others will soon discover about him.


The un-peaceful man is stupid in judgment. He believes everyone else is a fool and cannot see through his lies. Most of those who interact with him know he’s a liar but man prefer to lie.


Then why does man lie if he knows that the truth will give him inner peace? The un-peaceful man is afraid of being hurt if the truth is expose about him.


The truth for an un-peaceful man is so painful for him to face because he’s a sensitive man with feelings, he’s a man who is protecting his ego. He’s a man who does not know how to control his emotions. Chaotic in thoughts he is.


The only thing the un-peaceful man will realize is his unhappiness brought from hiding behind his lies. When will man wake up and realize the damage he is causing himself and his family.


Lies destroy the man especially when they’re fabricated by his own tongue. What is even more dangerous is a man who believes his lies and fails to change his ways and create a more righteous peaceful mind.


Remember: Finding peace within is a process not a goal.




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