Outgrowing your negative childhood beliefs will set you free to living a much happier life.

Shaking Off Your Negative Childhood Beliefs

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou have many childhood beliefs that are destroying & haunting your life by making you unhappy as an adult. There is one in particular that is stopping you from reaching your own personal growth now! This belief that you constantly bring to your mind is a central core belief. By this I mean this belief has become you, you are letting it govern you everywhere you go. If you believe you’re stupid, you’re becoming stupid, for example. Never let negative core beliefs stop you from reaching your personal growth & tranquility that you deserve.

Ask yourself what one childhood beliefs are you still resentful about? What are you still holding in secretly?

Identify that belief & start confronting it. You as an adult now, because of that belief are letting others such as society, friends & family convincing you of many negative things. You’re thinking you’re useless, unworthy, unlovable all because of one negative belief you grew up with.

You are feeling unlovable in life because you weren’t seen as a child or growing up. The attention you were seeking after was never given to you. That made you feel wanted. That is how insecurity is filling your life now.

Growing up believing their criticism became who you are now. You are allowing yourself to be defining by them. All those negative childhood experiences accumulating made you self critical about yourself.

I am going to tell you one reason why you can’t find hope in life. One reason you can’t shake off those childhood beliefs is because you don’t know who you are. You have no identity growing up. You have let others mold you. The less you know about yourself the less you are likely to change & empower yourself. Because of this idea, others are pushing you around, humiliating you & destroying you. You are becoming their slave.

Start forming a strong identify for yourself so you wouldn’t be in this situation as an adult, suffering. Start looking in your past, who were you and what are you looking to become now?

Second mistake for losing hope as a child only believe in the negative beliefs about you. As a child you were blinded & you didn’t take responsibility of your own thoughts. This is the time to start taking responsibility of your own thoughts now & giving fruit to new ones.

Doubting your new beliefs is detrimental. Never think your new thoughts will never materialize, by thinking otherwise you have inserted venom in your mind & you’ll never seek the happiness your in search of.

You Have To Believe In Yourself

Hope is leaving you because you were lost back then & you have no identity now. This is what you do, you start developing the necessary core beliefs pushing you to define you. You want to change? Start changing your negative beliefs by molding who you want to become. Making it a fact in your mind will materialize it. Becoming a great parent for example isn’t easy but believing you will, will manifest itself in reality. By believing something completely new about you will motivate you to change. Attaching hope to it will make it real. Starting to live your own opinions & beliefs; through perseverance it becomes true.

Be Happy

Rescuing your abused, emotional torn apart or abandoned child from your past is the key to finding hope & personal change. You start becoming stronger, becoming someone new. Be a hero for that child by molding a new personality for yourself. Start learning how to rewrite your own past with new empowering beliefs you can take action. Hope gives you control of your own mind, gives you value & one last thing never let anyone’s else opinion become your own.



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