You already possess a powerful, free and easy tool that you might not be aware of that will help you find your life’s purpose? Do you want to know what it is?

Our journey in life is simple. Finding your life’s purpose does not have to be that hard. Finding your life’s purpose just consist of knowing your life purpose.

Getting Started

When it comes to discovering or finding our life’s purpose we start by planting in our mind the seed of knowing. We start with the first seed. This first seed is the seed of KNOWING.

We know that we have a purpose in life and we must believe that. Plant in your mind that you are put in this earth to be someone in life or do something bigger than yourself in life. You will discover this by having a feeling of knowing.

When you have found your purpose in life you will know. It is a feeling a sensation something inside of you tells you that you know you are more. You will just know. It will pop out to you. It will reveal itself to you in a spontaneous involuntary way.

You have to be an observant of your surroundings. The answer or the clue to who you are will show itself to you. When I was watching a motivational video by Tony Robbins and after some minutes of seeing him in action, something inside of me said “That is who I am or that is what I supposed to be doing”. That is who I really am and not a sales person working in a limit less uncreative job.

When you pay close to your surrounds you will KNOW who you are. It will pop out at you. But in order for this to work you must know and have that seed inside of you that you are not living what you supposed to be living.
How to spot your purpose
Look at your surroundings and you will know. You just know. You must know that you are a writer. You are an engineer. You are a carpenter. When you observe it and feel it, you will just know.

For those who cannot observe the obvious something else will happened to them. You must keep searching and pay attention and as you carry the seed of knowing It will reveal itself to you.

Another way to discover your life’s purpose because sometimes it appears to us in silence and in tranquility. Life’s purpose reveals itself in nature. Expose yourself to walking in the park, surround your self with green plant life and listen. Listen to what you see and question yourself what is my life’s purpose? With some time and practice it will show itself in a rose or tree.

What I am saying here is your life’s purpose will be reveal to you when you pay attention to the outside. Something will grab your attention and you will KNOW that is you. That something will tell you that is what you supposed to be doing?
At the end your job is to find your purpose and without having that seed first planted in your head it will not reveal itself to you. Once you have the seed in your head that you are searching; the world will start giving you clues and appearing itself more often because you have asked for it. Listening is the first step.

So do not panic just KNOW that you will find your life’s purpose.

Challenge Exercise

What do you know you supposed to be doing, but haven’t acted on it? Perhaps that is your life’s purpose and you know it.



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