You must trust your inner self. I know inside of you is a strong being ready to come out. When the time is right you will blossom because deep down I know you will do when the time is right everything you possibly can to achieve your personal goals. 

I believe you will. You will achieve your goals. You will achieve your highest dreams.

Do not be afraid. Do not let your mind wander. Life will expect a lot from you and I know you’re ready. Shine as the beautiful human creature that you are. You will show the world what you’re made off. 

Life will teach you to work on your dream day in and day out. It is okay. Rest your eyes when need to. Rest your physical body and remind yourself because I know truly deeply you will continue your inner fight.

Do not fight back. Let things be and you will see that you will get one step close to your personal goals. It is okay to see results slow. Life is slow for us. Do not rush yourself or you will go spoil. 

When the time is right my child you will ripe. You will see life pass you but do not be afraid. They are in a hurry. Let them be comfort yourself with own your destiny. Protect your deepest desire with all your heart.

Do not let the wicked taint your personal goals. You will see results. You are like the bamboo tree. It takes years to sprout. And let yourself sprout and work and work and you will grow into that magnanimous beautiful tree. 

Why not you come’s across your head. I ask myself the same question. Why not you? You will in do time. Just be patient and things will form and come together. Do not be sloppy and rush. 

Look around you just be comfortable that you will go places. Keep it your little secret and one day the world will know. Shh! Don’t tell anybody of the great person you will become or the great things you will accomplish.

Wouldn’t this be more exciting if they saw it first glance. Be that action verb. Be great because you are great. Be happy even when progress is slow. Cherish your family even if they support or neglect. 

Why not you?

You will get there. Trust me. 

You deserve everything this world has to ever offer. My child if I could I would give everything to you. But life does not work this way. 

I must challenge you and break you but all for a purpose to grow and succeed. Why do I do this? Life believes you are choosen for a reason. Life has given you all these gifts to surmount. 

You can do this. This is why life has choosen you because you can pull the weight. 

I believe in you. All you have to do is convince yourself. It is inside of you. I know you’re willing to succeed that is why I am guiding you. 

I could’ve choosen anyone else but I choosen you. Show it to me. That you can. 

You deserve more but I cannot give more. The rest is up to you. Fight for your dream because you keep it tight secretly between your lips. 

Cry at nights if you must. I have heard you. But you know what is great my child. Those tears of pain and sorrow will one day be of joy. Don’t discourage faith in yourself for I have and will always believe in you.

Today is the time for you to shine. Start today. Do not quit. It is not in your blood. You deserve the world. Get it. It’s yours. 

You know what is great about you? That one day you will breath in happiness, joy and success. It’s in you. Be more willing to do more with yourself. Now go along and get started because you’re a strong warrior that needs to go to battle again. 

Rest for now. 

But truly truly child I want to hear from you. What are you struggling with in life preventing you from being your best?

I want to hear from you on the comments below.


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