Reaching goals is more than just thinking and believing. It is about one very key essence that most people leave out of their formula. And by putting this key thing in your plan you’ll see your goals come to life.

The secret ingredient is feeling(s). Without this ingredient you won’t see your goals materialize in the physical world. Secondly, the goal itself is an illusion. It does not bring happiness instead the bag of feelings that comes with the goal will.

That said when you pursue your goal or desire in life the one thing you must go after are the: feelings, emotions and experiences instead of the goal itself.

Goals are pursued by successful people because of the emotional experiences they want to feel and learn.

Anticipating the experiences the goal provides will help you pursue and achieve the goal much easier. That is true motivation from the sages.

How Others Are Doing It

When it comes to success successful people know the goal itself is not the reward they are after. This is the illusion most people fall into. They have shared that after achieving their goal most have felt unhappy about it because they believed achieving it would make them happy. But they were wrong.

They have figured out that the most satisfying way to feel

fulfilled in life is picking a goal that comes with experiences they want to learn. They choose goals based on experiences they want to feel and experience. These experiences for them come as emotions, life lessons or healing a part of their life or better yet experiencing duality: the opposite feeling.

For example, how would it feel like to be observed or, admired by everyone? This emotional drive or experience pushes them to pursue careers or goals that will bring that lesson or emotional experience for them. Perhaps they choose to be celebrities, athletes, etc. any thing that will give them those experiences.

All of us in this world choose our goals based on the experiences we want to learn and if those experiences are powerful, motivations and exciting then we keep working towards them until we learn, feel or heal that part of ourselves.

Here is how to do it:

Choose a goal based on experiences you want to change or heal in your life. The goal itself is not the focus but the emotional content you will earn when you reach your goal. Ask yourself what experiences do I need in my life to feel alive? Then think about a goal or purpose that has it and you work towards it.

The thing I noticed about successful people is this: they choose experiences that come with high impact emotional roller coaster thrill life emotions. They enjoy feeling different positive and energetic emotional feelings the path they have chosen provides.. This is what keeps them growing, working and loving what they do. What is the bag of emotional goodies you are after?

                                      Experiences vs. Goal

Obtaining the goal itself is not fulfillment. What I have noticed is they have a drive to feel alive. They have chosen experience of vitality over the goal itself. They love to live life to the fullest and they pick goals that are align with their desires. They are not the type of people that like boredom, mediocre and routines. They are in an essence care free and they gain it by feeling alive in their own mind, body and soul. They are emotional driven creatures. Perhaps you need to have an emotional driven personality too.

Second, they pursue goals that brings them feelings of curiosity and if you pay close attention most successful people are open to new experiences, new friends, new places. Curiosity fuels their emotional soul and this is considered for them a key element of personal growth. Are you curious about life? If not start learning to learn and live new things in life.

They live satisfying lives because they are in constant search of experiences or feelings that will filled their emotional voids. They are not afraid of searching within themselves and discovering what makes them happy. They are always in pursue of valuable lessons, life experiences: personal success.

For them their personal happiness does not lie or depend on material possessions. They have gain success and the object of their desire by constantly searching something new for themselves.

They are joyous people happy with themselves above everything else. They do not ask a lot from the material world once they have achieved success. They have learned that by getting there the experiences were worth the living. The feelings that grew from their goal brought them to life. They are grateful for experiencing new things about themselves.

They have figured out the world is a made of feelings and they bath in it. They have found the secret to motivation, and ever lasting life is experiencing different aspects of themselves and this becomes their motivation for striving for what they want.

                                    Last Piece Of The Puzzle


They see their road journey towards their destination with an exciting attitude. It excites them what they will encounter on the road, the people they will meet, the places they will go and most of all feelings they have never felt within.

Bring excitement into your world. Learn to feel different experiences and enjoy the journey for happiness is the only way to get there. Successful people will tell you their hard journey despite it’s difficulty level was great and amazing. Excitement is key to success.

The best thing we can do for our selves is learn to be excited about our selves, our life, and our goals.

What is your object of interest?
What is your goal?

Now start imaging and feelings you will have in that journey. That my friend is true motivation.

If the experiences are welcoming you’ll change your life in an instant.


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