Do you ever feel that this is not your life? Of course, most of us have felt that this is not our life. But that only happens to those who feel lost in life. Like having nowhere to go, lost and looking to go back home. What is home?

That said, you might be feeling that way because perhaps it belongs to another apart from yourself. You feel that you are not you anymore and feel like you are not you but someone else controlling you. This is the part where you have to look deep in yourself and memory bank and ask yourself when in time have you giving up in yourself to let another entity or sensation that is not yours take over.

You have permitted this and no one else. What has changed? You have been such a positive person in your life and out of a sudden urge you failed. You have failed yourself and there is no one to blame but, yourself.

Will you pick yourself up and take back the life that is yours? I hope so. You have so much potential in you that there should be no way in hell letting everything you have worked for go to rubbish. All that hard work you have made in life is going to pay of. Do not let someone else take control of your life. When are you going to wake up and regain your life back. Stop saying you feel that someone else is inside of you. Yes, that someone else is the other you who does not want you to succeed or grow in life. Let it go and stop carrying things that are not yours. When you feel that life is not yours, yes.

This is the part that is not yours. You are carrying something or someone who does not belong to you. Time to move in and pay attention to you.

When are you going to wake up and smell the roses and become you and live your life that belongs to you. Isn’t that so. Aren’t you here to live the best version of yourself. Then stop bitching and get your act together. Time is passing by and you are not taking action. Do you expect things to happen by visualization? Think again you have to take action and take back what is yours , you and your life. A life that is yours. And live the life of your dreams. Have goals, have aspirations, have dignity to stand up for yourself and claim with all your might that you are a given soul who deserves to live in all its splendor.

Many of you do not live the world of your dreams because you don’t believe it belongs to you. That is why you feel that your life is not yours because you believe the other instead of yourself. When is that going to change. Beliefs are just opinions and what is your opinion of yourself. Opinions change is you need to change your belief about yourself so, you can grow then do so. What are you waiting for someone else to spoon thought feed you?

Unshackled yourself from the chains of failures covered by negative thoughts. Your old beliefs and most of all ego. You have given your life to those insignificant events, experiences or other things of life just to fit in. But, deep down inside you know you are not you and you are not living the life of your dreams because you don’t take ownership of it. To weak to do anything but, this is your chance to shine to prove to the world and most of all yourself that you can because you can. You have the bolt cutters use them today.


Many of you are scared. Life has tangled you so much that it has made you his slave. Do you ever feel that your life is not yours? It starts from here, each and one of you are shackled by many things in life when in the back of your pocket you have the key that will set you free, but most of you forgot there was a key. Some of you know that there is a key in your pocket but, decided to not use it. Something inside you has convinced you to be scared and to run away, remain a slave.

This is something I do not understand. If you know you have the strength and will to set yourself free then what is stopping you? What is funnier to see is some of you try to escape or set yourself free but, using the wrong key. You use another prisoner’s key or your friends key, knowing that each person in this world has his own fights to battle and the key that will set you free is unique and different from the rest. Each key before birth was given to you. To unlock that potential inside of you the real question is why are you blind from it.

Realize that each person has his own struggles and each man wants to feel that their life is theirs but to get there you must dive inside that part of you to unlock. Solve your own riddle.

This is the part where you are challenged by life. Now that you know you have the key and know where it goes will you use it? Will you set yourself free and get your life back. Or are you scared to be freed and not know where life takes you? For some their comfort zone has been their castle. Are you willing to jump out and dive into the moat?






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