Joy is found in the bits of pieces of any journey. Each stores memorable memories more valuable than the destination itself.


Living in the moment to moment is what makes life worth living. When you are in the happening you feel each animate object vividly, providing more than it appears to the naked eye. It reveals its true nature to you. Each moment happening is packed with memories, feelings, and emotions never before felt. If you can live in those moments you’ll find what you are looking for.


How To Enjoy The Journey


As one witnesses each object from the most complex to the most simple start welcoming it and it will open to you a whole new world. Each experience brings to you different feeling and emotions to fill what is needed in you. Each happening before your very eyes carries what can feel your empty voids. And in those moments you’ll find how wonderful you’ll feel.


Each experience in life comes with feelings. If you can experience them from the heart it will open to you a world never before seen. It will make your weak heart fonder. As you open more to life your heart grows larger for life, for experience and it becomes richer. They are welcoming to the soul.

The Mind


By quieting the mind you’ll experience a whole new world in you. It starts by changing one’s attitude about one’s life and being open to the possibility to see life in non-animated objects and people. See how life sprouts from even the dead because death is another form of life. As you open your mind and see it will bring new emotions in you. Most the emotions you’ll receive is joy: joy for life. Receive the joy of living because life is beautiful and allow itself to be revealed to you.


I enjoy life. What makes life enjoyable is the feeling of being alive. Witnessing life be existent before your eyes makes us believe how amazing it is. How precious its nature. Life is not about being born and dying. It is more than just arriving to a destination. It about enriching one’s mind that people, emotions, and moments are born all the time. If you see this it will enrich your life and change your perspective of things. What is most beautiful about experiencing birth is self person of the personality, a new career, a new job, a new etc. welcomed it with an open mind; give it life.




Life does not have to be road blocks. You can climb over those rocks if you want to. But they are to teach us a lesson or have fun. This is what makes life worth living. Rocks make it interesting in life.

The only person certain of overcoming those rocks is you because you know where you are going. You know how much you can lift. In a way you have placed those rocks for a reason just like you have created them you can on- due them. The best thing you can do is to accept this journey and choose where you want to go.




Sometimes we have to remind ourselves we are surrounded by beautiful people in this life time. As we begin to make this conscious, life begins to start making sense to us and how lucky we are to have people who love us. This brings a new of thinking about life it is worth living for others to appreciate us and have us in their lives.


Speaking of suffering, I do not believe we are placed on this earth to suffer all the time. We are placed to grow as people and learn how to live life and what is important. Sometimes we forget the meaning of life or how to live and focus on what is not. We have lost the meaning of living.


But, we have so much to live for if you truly spend an hour a day to reflect on your life. Reflect on what life is to you. When are you the happiest and who are you? You are best happy when you can express and live your true thoughts and emotions. Do not bottle them in and accept yourself as who you are. Your very true essence is what is going to rescue you and make you happy. We are happy with life being ourselves.



Just take a minute to live in your world. Learn to accept your world because it is full of wonderful experiences that will help you grow. Better yet, those experiences will teach you and mold you who you truly are. Who are you? When you find the answer life will make more meaning for you.


Smile for the world more often. Happiness is also there. We must surround ourselves with friends who can give those experiences that will bring a smile to our face. How can we enjoy them at their fullest? Sometimes we don’t enjoy our friends at their ideal level. We should squeeze more out of them.


Learning to keep the mind at ease starts with enjoying life. We must not hold back anymore and learn to live. We must be more than just frivolous auto-machine bots. We are living breathing human beings. We are full of happiness, joy and more.


Life is meant to be enjoyed. The best fulfilling moments in life are those moments that wake up happiness, purpose, and experiencing what is happening moment to moment.




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