It sucks being depressed in bed. You lay there hours and hours sometimes even days looking at the pillow or the roof ceiling. “Why am I depressed?” What is wrong with you and do we have trouble getting out of bed and accomplishing our goals?

Here are some amazing tips to get you out of your funk forever.

Depression sucks and we all know that but you don’t have to let life drag you down. When you are depressed of feeling low you need to find a way to change your focus. The reason you are not succeeding in life is because your focus is on the wrong thing. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. You must be used it carefully. One, your mind must only focus on your goal and nothing else. Even if that means skipping meals or sleep. You have to change your depression by focusing on what you want in life. Use your imagination, believe what you need to believe and most of all focus on the one thing you want in life instead of all the none sense that is false, untrue and plain rubbish. Do not attach yourself to meaningless crap.

Figure what you need to clear out of your mind before it’s too late. Again, do not attach yourself to the unreal, stay focus to the reality of what you want to become in life. You do not know how many times I have seen so many people at my clinical practice get tied on false ideas of themselves. Yes, that is the clue. You have to remove or find a way to remove false ideas of yourself. This is one of the biggest dream killers of all time.

That is where you cut your depression. You have to be certain of who you are and what you want to become. What I am saying here is you have to be secure of who you are. You have to attach yourself to a new bigger grandeur idea of yourself. Come up with an idea that will inspire you to become and feel great.

What I am saying here is ideas come and go. One day you are happy and other day you are sad. Out of those idea you have to figure out which idea is worth believing. The highest failure anyone as ever done is attaching a false negative idea of themselves and making it true.

The craziest thing about this is people enjoy attaching themselves to negative ideas. Do not do that to yourself! You are not them. Figure out and weed out all that negative crap and give yourself an opportunity. That is all you need in life. The world will not give you one so you have to create one and give it to yourself. You are not meant to be in this world to be depressed and do nothing with you life. Your responsibility is to be yourself, live and become the best version you can be. Do you really want to be depressed all your life or do something about yourself? Transform your life now not later not tomorrow, now.

You need to make change. Change your life. You have to transform the way you think and feel about yourself and ignore what everyone else says. Be strong-minded, overcoming this stupid temporary excuse of depression you have about yourself. Usually depression is just inner anger because you failed in life. Get over it and lets start a new journey. No one in this world will pick you up but yourself. Convince yourself to become the best version of yourself. I will not convince you, your family or friends can’t do it. You are the only that needs to stand up for yourself and find it in your heart to be the best version of you. Be real and truthful. If you do not want to succeed in life then quit. This journey is not for you. Let the strong survive and get ahead while YOU leave yourself behind.

How bad do you want to get out of that bed, put in work and get out there in the real world and start changing your life. You cannot lay in bed all your life. Wake up and start finding ideas about yourself that will inspire you. One of the reasons you are attached to you bed or what you call this “depression” is because you haven’t found a tough reason to move you. You haven’t found a STRONG powerful reason to live. What is the reason for you to go on! Find it and let it be a reason to inspire your heart and mind and better yet the world. Deep down inside of you is something that needs a spark. You are a ticking bomb and all it needs to do to explode is a small spark. Become someone new!

Pay close attention to your thoughts. There is a thought inside your mind that is the true you. The one that will transform you and your life completely. Give it life. All those other versions of yourself like the depression, the weakling, the loser, the underachiever, those are not you. Create the best version for you.

You know what is strange about this? Sometimes all those versions of you but just one in particular is the one you need to cut in your life. There is one version of you stuck in time that you are bringing in the present that is not helping you succeed and move forward. There is an old version of you that needs to be healed, recovered and transformed. Do not transform yourself into that past person, that weaker version of you any more. That is one reason subconsciously you feel depressed. You are bringing your older version into the present. Stop that immediately, transform it and forget about it. You are more than this focus on the new you. Act now before it is too late. Be a man or woman.

Don’t you see yourself enjoying life and being happy? Move your body, move your thoughts. This is the biggest key to transforming depression into success. Keep moving your thoughts because the biggest mistake people make is leave their thoughts stationary in their mind like heavy rocks.

Push your own boulders even if they are heavy there is no one in this world who will do this for you. Even if those boulders are uphill you do it. Take charge and start lifting what you need to lift and place it somewhere else but not in your mind.

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