Who are YOU?

Have you ever imagined the possibility of being someone in life, who really are you?

The best thing I can say is you have to know who you want to be in life and do what ever it takes to get there.

Fight for what you want to be in life! Because the person you want to be in life is not going to drop down from heaven onto you lap. Strive to be that person everyday and do not let anyone or anything stand in the way.

The person you want to be today and tomorrow has to be so poignant and convincing that you will sweat tears and blood without pain. That person you want to be exist inside of you.

Wake up! That person you want to be tomorrow is already present inside of you today. It exist inside of you!

It is waiting to breath out of you. It is waiting to come out and show you the experiences you are missing out in life. That person you have always dreamed about being feels the need to create, push and live the limits.

Wake up!

You are already that person. You must find in your mind to believe the person you are going to be tomorrow is the light of today. Stop making excuses about being the same failure.

That person is you. It is tired of waiting for you. When will you face reality and begin to blossom into the human being you are destined to be ?

There is already a seed inside you ready for you to sprout. Only you can give that seed life.

How to make that seed grow.

You must know where your attention goes. Many of us are lost spending out time on useless crap and never paying attention to the person we want to become.

We dream because we are dreamers. We want to be our best and we must carefully put our energies where it needs to be. We required high fuels for our life style. We invest big on ourselves and we expect results and that is why we never give up.

But life ones in a while throws us a curve ball and get distracted by frivolous things in life. We must not wait for our big break to arrive at our feet but stand up tall and seek for it. Where our attention goes our energy goes. We are big energy movers.
When we finally realize who we are destined to be, we realize that it has been facing us directly this whole entire time. We have been carrying him with us everywhere.

Who you want to be in life is you. You the dreamer who must wake from his own nightmare and smell the roses. The person you are destined to be has always been with you this whole entire time.

We have to just hold on to our idea. It is something no one can take away from us. The idea of who we are going to be is inside each and one of us. We must let it out and give it full expression. What needs to happen for us to emerge this true being out from us? Hold on to your idea of you.

The right opportunity will never occur but never give up. The right time does not exist but the right action does. Do it now and go outside and do something for yourself. Move! Move! Move! These are the magic words that will take you there and unlock what is in your chest!

You are the key to your own chest, crack it open and take a look inside. It is you.

What is it that you’re looking for? There is no need for searching you are looking at him right in front of you. That is the person that is going to change your life, he is the person that will take you from darkness to light. Become him and give him life. Become who you are destined to be.
I believe it is time to change from whom you were to who you are, now.

What ever it is that you’re looking for in that chest you already have it. There is no need to keep looking. You are the one who will revolutionize the world no one else. What is it that is stopping you? Do not let it slip away from your arms!

Dreams are all we have and dreams do come true. It is time to give life to your life. It is time to visualize a different you and keep digging in that chest until you find something that is you.

Keep your dream alive in your head when you haven’t found anything else in that chest. Keep your dream as close to you as possible and do not let anyone take it away from you.

Plant that seed well in your head and do not let it starve. Nourish it and feed it until it sprouts something out of it. Only you know what that something is going to grow into. But do not let it die.

Final Thoughts.

What am I saying here is plant a seed of your choice and let it grow into what you want to be. We know what we want to be and the seed is in our heads but not all of us have the courage to water it everyday

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