You have a dream and you try your best to achieve it at all cost. Everything goes in vain. Do you stick with your dream and keep going or give up?

This is the part where you are being tested. Do you succeed or fail. But, before I begin one thing you have to keep in mind is your attitude. Attitude is key to anything you do. Keep your attitude consistent and you will not fail. That said, you are tested about your goal all the time. It is a way for the universe or life wanting to know if you are truly worthy of receiving it. Only great leaders are worth the universe time.

Yes, what makes you worthy? Having the capacity to cry, sweat and tear through all that pain in you. What you must change about yourself is your attitude about not giving up ever. Attitude is everything and every thing. You want to stick to your goal. The goal is not your problem but your mindset and character. Especially the attitude you carry about giving up. It is not the journey that is difficult but the attitude you have against it. You want to achieve greatness in life and the only way to master it is by showing you want it. You need it.

Change your attitude. What is the attitude you hold about yourself, life & your goal? Be the type that has an unstoppable mindset towards becoming great. Become the person who does not care about the journey or the hard work but the destination of building the strongest attitude about you. The biggest challenge you face is not your goal but the idea you have about you. You must keep improving and developing your mind the idea of you. All goals are pretty and shiny but the true polishing is working on yourself. Work on your mood.

When you are thinking about your goal watch out for your mood. Your state of mind. Do not let other thoughts clutter your mind away from your goal. Do not let it be tarnish or tainted. When you see your mood falling away when you are working on yourself or your goal change it immediately. Discipline does not make the man, his mood does.


I hear people are giving up on their goals it truly breaks my heart how easily they give up on themselves. How crazy is that. You won’t even do it for you. You are worthy of saving. The first goal that must be on your Goal Sheet of paper is you. Write your name on the top of that paper and read it aloud that the first goal to obtain greatness is you. Everything else is secondary. When you are number one then comes the hard part. Begin to develop your mind, body and soul because the goal you are after in life requires those ingredients from you. Develop a strong mental attitude about being number one. Everyday you wake up let the first order of business be you, always. Do not think about any other goal. You are number one. Once you develop yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually then you are ready to pursue your goal with a winning mindset.

Many say work on your goal with high persistence. That is true but priority number one is you. Persistently work on yourself. As a working psychotherapist I have seen many people fail in life because their attitude is underdeveloped. They are emotionally weak, immature and tired. You cannot let yourself become one of those. Create in your mind how success looks for you. Look at your life and start changing the areas you need to improve. This is an attitude you must adopt. If you are truly committed you will start today. This is your new winning attitude. Change your mind change your world.


Be careful who you share your meals with. Friends are great but if you share your meals with those who are losers and failures then you are welcomed to the losing team. Pick your friends who have great mindsets, beliefs, etc. Be rigid about this. When we talk about building your attitude you must be rigid and cold about picking your friends. Only listen to those who will help you grow and succeed. This is where you will be tested again. A winning attitude knows what friends to keep and which one’s to put aside. Even if it breaks your soul cut them.

Be like your new successful friends. Their attitude has taken them places. Observe how they behave, talk, and smell. Choose out of them an attitude that will help you grow. Your goal should mold you into a small fraction of them. Of course put a little bit of your own twist too. You cannot be an exact copy. Pick friends who have goals that will scare you. Friends that intimidate you and inspire you to get to their level. Remember do everything possible to change your mind and the easiest way is to have friends who are there already.


Dreams and goals have a strange way of existing in your life. They love people with great attitudes. Goals and dreams are attracted to beauty, grace, energy, charisma, persistence and more. Train your mind to become those qualities in you and see how your goal will chase you instead. Goals, people and things will flock to you. They will gravitate for you.

The last step for changing your attitude is think highly of yourself. Never underestimate your ability and never let the idea of giving up enter your mind. Believe cold heartily that you will always strive to push forward no matter the circumstances. Mold yourself with the above tips and see how your attitude will take you places you have never known. And see how you will transform yourself into a new you.

Every thing in this world breaks down except a winning attitude.

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