Let Your Purpose Take You

To succeed as a person we must know our purpose. Something inside of us if we listen to it opens a world for our eyes to see and in that moment through you must be open to take that opportunity and just go with it.

You must not let opportunity escape from you.

We must seize every moment life gives us and go through that door. The only direction in our life is to move forward in dignity, prosperity, and growth. We cannot let time pass us by. We cannot let the opportunity to live a greater life be blown away from the edge of our finger tips like blown sand.


We find purpose by learning to listen to our selves. We are bombarded by a tight hectic schedule that does not allow us to spend some time with “me”. We must give ourselves some time to listen to who we are and what we want from ourselves.

We cannot control the uncontrollable, but we can control what we want in life.

We know what we want from life. You must never stop working for it till you get it. This is a long process for most of us, but listen to your true purpose. As a human being you have the right to live with passion and meaning. It starts by listening within.

Question your self what is my purpose? What direction am I heading in life!

Listen to yourself. Working from within is the answer to what you’re looking for emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.


When creating your purpose you have to have one of the following. Your purpose has to be powerful, engaging ONLY to you and no one else. Nothing in this world should be more important in life, besides family, that should have your attention. Become so deeply hypnotize by it and eat and breath solely your purpose.

You must wake up every morning and the very first thought in line must be your purpose driven life. There should be no one else in that line more important, besides family.

Your purpose must bring you joy like the sun and your mind must be filled with excitement, energy more.

So, have you figured out what is your purpose in life?

Find it from a different state of contemplation. You will not find your purpose in life in the same awareness you’re in right now. Go into a new state of awareness, a new emotion and there you shall discover it.

You will discover who you really are. Go and obtain that new self you want to become.

Go make the thought of you real.

Remember who you truly want to be in life is not out there. You must find it and discover it yourself from within. Instead of hunting your purpose outside you should start by discovering an inner purpose within.

This is one of the main problems with human kind. They lose themselves to a world of nothingness, material possessions and more on the outside. They believe who they are is outside.

When their true sense of direction starts from within. So, we come to the conclusion to start looking within then without. Our need to look for meaning outside is wrong.


1. Listen to your true inner self and what your inner voice says bring it out to life.

Photo Credit: Clairvoyant8 Flickr via Compfight cc

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