Do you want to change your life? I bet you do.

This Self Improvement resource will introduce you to the best mental or psychological tools to get you to shift perspective about life yourself and more.

Each chapter contains simple ideas concepts and advice to improve a better way to see life. You will gain a better perspective of yourself and start seeing life’s obstacles as just experiences and see yourself turn them around for the better.

Changing your life is all about perspective so this resource will be a great tool for you.

Are you ready to think better?

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You’ll learn how to see yourself differently, life, circumstances and practice developing your self improvement journey.


It’s simple concise and direct to the point. There are only 5 chapter links below and click on the one you feel you need to work on more. So, pick a chapter and let’s get started in helping you become a better thinker.

Chapter 1: Getting Rid Of Apathy

Chapter 2: How To Overcome Self Helplessness And Succeed

Chapter 3: Stop Being A Doormat And Take Charge

Chapter 4: Pessimism Will Ruin Your Life

Chapter 5: Positive Thinking Does This Stuff Really Work?

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Chapter 1: Getting Rid of Apathy

In this chapter you will learn that not caring about your life, self and others can lead you to a apathetic attitude. Those who suffer from apathy are not very successful people.

So to change your situation you must know that changing your attitude changes your life. It’s not the situations fault for getting you indifferent it’s your mind and how you interpret things in your head.

Make a better version of yourself by eliminating this enemy right away.

Chapter 2: How To Overcome Self Helplessness and Succeed

Think about it. I said that it’s not the world’s fault or your family’s fault you are not where you want to be. The second true culprit could be feeling defenseless in life and to overcome such foe you have to be brave.

Those who are brave and courages are the one’s the world favors. What can you do about it? Again, I am all about helping you think differently about life.

Helplessness? It does not exist. Here is what will work. Each challenge in your life has a hidden message learn from it and see something positive come out of it.

Chapter 3: Stop Being A Doormat And Take Charge

It’s very important to realize that the way you see life has to do a lot with the sources you surround yourself with. The people, the places all of these influence your perspective.

Perhaps you need to find a new world view and plenty of them to see where you can go.

Chapter 4: Pessimism Will Ruin Your Life

They say your attitude determines your outcome and that is true. What you focus on your life on a daily basis has to do a lot with your world view.

You know what will work better? Focus on solutions in your life instead of problems and watch how differently your brain and pattern of thought changes.

If you don’t try don’t expect results. Do it now.

Chapter 5: Positive Thinking Does This Stuff Really Work?

There are many studies that says it works so why aren’t you doing it. It’s because they forgot to put the practical action part of positive thinking.

You do want to improve your thinking right? Well start with the following simple things. To change your perspective of life and yourself you must start doing uncomfortable things, change your body, your location, career anything and I bet you’ll get a new perspective.

I want to hear from you what troubles you in life? What are you having trouble in changing your view of life and yourself?


R. Ortiz


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