If we had high self-confidence in ourselves we would carry out all of our personal goals and free ourselves from depression, wouldn’t you? All we need in this life is confidence especially when we are facing depression. We want to move forward, do you want to move forward?

In order for us to move forward we need to awaken something inside of us that we already have. Everyone has it and even you. This something I am referring to is having faith or hope in us. We must have faith that we will get better and gain the happiness we deserve.

There are several steps we must take to gain the confidence we need to change our life. We must ask ourselves are we willing to change our life and work on our confidence?

Do you want to know how?

We Must Have Hope About Our Future

We must ask ourselves do we have hope about our future? We must live the life we wish. With hope in our lives would makes push ourselves and believe we will get there. Hope gives us the belief of certainty. Faith gives us an optimist mindset. This is what we need to start our journey to happiness. What kind of mindset do you have? Do you need to change it?

Sometimes we need to change the way we think about faith or hope in our lives. Faith is appearing or perceiving the idea that we will gain happiness and confidence despite the odds. Faith is hope. We know we will get there because hope convinces us it will happen. When we have this type of mindset it leaves no room for doubt. This is why we keep pushing to grow.

Faith is an attitude or mindset; it’s a way of thinking that you will arrive at your destination in life.

In order for us to get out of our depression and gain the confidence we need we must grow. We must believe in our self-confidence as something that only goes up. Confidence will only show itself to us once we believe.

There our times in our lives when we will feel lower than the rest because we lack confidence in ourselves and we don’t act because we are uncertain. But remember what I said we must change our mindset. When we switch our mindset to faith in us we start to grow. We grow by visualizing how our confidence will be like? Ask yourself how is your confidence now and how would you like your confidence to be? What is best for you? Then take action towards it. Faith means being optimist about you.

You must have an illusions optimist attitude to build your self-esteem.

At what level is your self-esteem? Do you need to change? You must because when we have a high self-esteem or confidence it something significant changes in our lives. First we gain these changes by switching to an illusionist optimistic mindset and every set back that we experience in life we must still keep this optimistic mindset even if it gets us even more depressed or frustrated. We must keep faith in us active.

So what will it take for you to change? Besides having faith in ourselves we must be honest with ourselves. The reason we haven’t reach that level of confidence or happiness in our lives is because we are pessimistic. How pessimistic or negative are you about your life and self? Do you need to change it? The reason you haven’t change in life is because your mindset is toxic for your own progress or growth. By changing our mindset we change our lives.

You have to be honest with yourself about making an impactful positive change in your life? Are you willing to make this decision? If you are then start by subscribing to our articles that will give you the tools you need to help you get there. Click Here.

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Ricardo Ortiz is a psychotherapist specializing in depression & addictions. He helps people overcome depression.

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