What is the true reason  for us in this world?

Is it to be happy in life or something else? The reason one must follow our purpose driven life is to strip ourselves from what we thought made us happy and reinvent a newer version of ourselves.

We must hold on to our dream like a loving mother comforting a new born child. Your dream is a new born child. It is something you have created. Do not let it go.

Another reason to pursue our purpose is to hold on to something in our life. We want to feel we are something, or anything. In a way without it, we feel nothing. This is why we pursue our life’s ultimate goal.

We pursue it with every breath in our body. We protect it and feed it like a new born child. It is our baby. Our dream is a piece of us, actually it is us; that is why we protect it.

We keep our life purpose alive enough to see it grow. To materialize it in the “real” world. The truth is, it must materialize in our mind first.

What is your life purpose?

The real reason to pursue a life goal is it makes us feel we have created something. Us, ourselves, me, we long to say those words “I created this and more”. That is really what inspires us.

We want to leave something of ourselves in this world for others to remember us. We don’t like to be forgotten. Perhaps it is a psychological unresolved issue of lack of recognition. Nevertheless, we want to be recognize, seen and heard. That is why we pursue our life’s purpose.

We want to be recognized as designers in front of the real world. We pursue our life’s work because it is an original part of ourselves.

In other words, we pursue our life’s purpose because it is a representation of the unspoken part of ourselves.

It is the only way to give it life, to be notice: self-worthy.

Our project, our goal is us.

We have been born from nothing. In a weird way it gives a purpose to live. Working on our goal gives us the reason to stay alive and keep that other part of ourselves living.

This is another reason number why we should live our life’s purpose.

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