Your Mind Is A Garden

Would be nice to have a garden. Learn to be a good gardener it will be useful in life.

I share these words with you because something is holding your garden from growing. Pay attention to that. Do not let it go dry.

Look around your garden. Let the world show you it is you holding yourself back, not them. There is something in that garden of you’re ignoring. What is it? A flower, a bug, a rock?

It’s something.

There are battles inside your mind. Give them the attention they need, from you.

Don’t hold back. Help yourself. You can do this go on. Step inside your garden your mind and commit yourself into getting dirty. Become what you are destined to be. Flower that one special flower that has caught your mind.

It is that one thought you need to grow.

Why that flower? There are thousands of them.

That is a great place to start. Look within those empty dark places that flower that need light, water and life…

Be careful with how you spend your time with your flower. Time is not friendly. Look around your garden, your mind. Spend time looking at each flower. You can only pick one and pick the right one. Your destiny will be determined by how well you keep that flower.

Be conscious of that flower or thought. How much will it grow in the next couple of years. Will that thought became who you have in mind? Will it become. Taking care of the flower is the easy part. Don’t be afraid to choose the wrong one. I believe you know how to take care of the one you’re holding in your hand. Imagine it.

As this thought grows how will it smell, feel, and be? Let it be a representation of who you really are, is it?


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he flower is not your problem. It is what you feed it; doubt, fear, rejection, neglect more…Flowers are delicate creatures learn to nourish one, keep it alive.

Listen to yourself, perhaps you are not doing it. Don’t you think its time?

Time to nourish your dried garden.  To heal those in need. Overcome those and remove harboring thoughts of malice hiding behind those trees.

Diet is very important. Feed your mind thoughts that will make it grow.

Pay close attention to those thoughts in your mind. They are made of good thoughts and bad thoughts. Listen to those thoughts that will take you places. Those are important thoughts. Not all thoughts require your attention only those you need.

Sometimes we have to be with our mind and be careful about those thoughts. Be careful.

Your mind is like a garden. Those thoughts your trees. Cultivate a great garden. You don’t have to be an expert gardener, all you need is the basics. Just like your mind water it daily, fertilize it, clean it too.

Your garden should give you pride. A well kept garden is beautiful to see. Keep doing what you’re doing and the people will complement you. Cultivate those¬†thoughts that nourish you.

Sit alone with your mind. Truly listen to it. It is your garden. In nature if you listen to it closely it will guide you. Just do not let your flowers die. We do not want weeds growing in there instead.

You’ll be a good gardener just stick to the basics.

Preoccupy your mind with thoughts, emotions and optimism. Give it the sunshine and water it needs.

In time you will see how you’re transforming into something similar, but with your essence. You’ll never be the same exact copy, we hope not.

The attitude you have and how you take care of your thoughts is everything. Your attitude about your self must change. Sometimes, in one’s garden we find a stone that must go. Have you found yours?

Be careful what is keeping your flower from growing.

Have a great attitude about this process, take care of the thoughts and opinions you have about yourself. They are very important for your becoming. Cultivate them, nourish them, be kind with your self. Do not rush things.

Believe you will become that.

Be on with yourself and do not be afraid to change. Grow a beautiful garden, a mind that will help you serve yourself and others beautifully.

I think its time you water your garden.

To some you are a beautiful flower.


– What is that one flower you need to cultivate (thought).

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