I have friends who cracked the long-term goal code. They have used it many times over and over again with great results. You know what is one secret code? They hold on to their long-term goals as much as possible and these are other tips on how they did it.


[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne reason you have difficulty holding on to your long-term goal is you’re impatient. Stop feeling so nervous and anxious about achieving your goal. Be patient at anything you do in life. Be tolerant about what you’re going to become. Life does not work with those who are insecure.

Realize long-term goals take time and emotional resources. Even short-term goals require from you some kind of investment: mental and physical investment. Delay in your mind instant gratification. It will drain you instead of helping you. Build an emotional capacity to wait, stand still, observe and feel your goal. Just know you will get there but not as you planned it initially. Let it unfold by itself be patient!

Do not! Do not! Invest yourself on time. Time will not get you there. To become successful and stay with your goal pay attention to your desire. Your desire for achieving your ultimate goal is the biggest indicator if you’re going to achieve it. If your emotional invest for it is withering away, distant, faint keep an eye on it. Wake it up again. Do not let the emotion go away. This is how you hold on to your long-term goals. Keep the emotion alive as much as possible.

Let’s take this for example. Being physically fit is a long term goal most have in life. This takes years, for instance to achieve. Instead of focusing how you might look focus on the emotional growth process in you. Ways of keeping your goal from going away is focusing on this exactly.

Imagine working out. Focus on how your self esteem, diet, skin, spirit, strength and how your confidence is evolving. These little things are important to keep you fired up.

Many give up on their goals because they focus on the wrong things. Focus and develop your emotions and do not pay attention to your goal. If you switch your attention to your goal something unique happens in you. You get bored. Constantly thinking about something you get bored. By focusing on your emotions you are alert, vigilant and on your toes. Why? Because emotions are volatile. They make chasing and working on your goal exciting. Never in your life will goals be accomplished through tedious, mundane, boring habits or discipline. Choose a goal that provides you exciting unpredictable emotions but at the end always mold them towards achieving your goal.

You don’t know how many people have given up on their long term goals because they cannot see or feel their emotional growth. You have to be alive to achieve your goal. You must learn emotional mastery. It is okay to feel loneliness, frustration, anger etc however, always switch it again towards working on your goal. This will keep you excited. Change those feelings and keep a constant emotional attitude about your goal it will help you stay in the race.

Another great tip. Goals should be powerful and meaningful. Pay attention to these two. When you are in control of your life you feel powerful. This feeling keeps many people working towards their goal and maintaining it long-term. When a goal finally makes you feel powerful, empowered and provide you meaning in life there is no stopping you. What I am teaching you here is find a way to feel powerful about it.

Do not give yourself the opportunity to give up on the first try. Keep this in mind. The higher the goal’s value, the further away it will push you. You have to pull it back in. It is a struggle of tug-n-war. Expect to struggle, feel misery etc. Just keep one thing in mind you must pull it back in. Secondly, the dividends of achieving a long term goal is ten-fold.

So, how do you keep your long-term goal? Easy, just pursue it with a different mentally. Expect long term goals to take time, process and feeling. Expectation is also important. When you plant an apple see you expect an apple tree. Think of your long term goal as an apple see and expect an apple tree. Of course, during this process you have to do all the steps to help it grow.


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