I am going to get personal on this article. Does positive psychology actually work? My opinion is yes. Before I used to be pessimistic about everything and figured it out where it was coming from all the environment and negativity of television.


As time went on I started to believe and asked myself “If I keep seeing negative all the time when will the suffering end?”. So I came up with a great idea of self-educating myself with great books, tv, friends and education.


Did it work? Yes. As of today every time I come across a negative situation I tend to use the techniques I shared in my previous articles. To find the solution for things, to focus on the positive, to learn a lesson and more.




This is what I did. First I started to do things that made me uncomfortable I started to speak in public, learn new activities and hobbies. That help me build my confidence and self esteem up.


Now. My Focus of this blog is to help you see life differently and learn to shift your perspective and I did this simple things and they work.


Sometimes and what worked for me was changing my body helps a lot. It affects how you feel and also a shift in your head happens when you see changes in your life. You learn that change is possible and when you start changing physically like gaining muscle, losing weight getting tone etc. Does make a difference.


The thing you must do to change perspective is location. Switch if you can from a different community, society, house, career, a complete 180 degrees. It helps to live in a different environment with different people and philosophies.


My best advice you can do is change careers. When you are an engineer you see everything from an engineer’s point of view. However, when you switch career let’s say a biologist you tend to see the world differently.


Sometimes you need to completely dump everything in your head and learn a new program. And watch how everything in life looks differently. You’ll be suprised by what you’ll see and learn.


So go out and switch something completely out of tune in your life and watch your mind shift.


Now I want to hear from you. What is keeping you from changing perspective in life? Write them down on the comments below.


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R. Ortiz

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