Some say the glass is half full others half empty. It is this sort of thinking that can bring down or success. What can of person are you?


Let’s get to point. A pessimistic mind set has never work for anybody. Always looking for something wrong in yourself, others, family, life etc. Does not work.


So how do you cure it or treat it? It’s your attitude of focus. Let’s start with this first. Attitude is everything. Attitude determines your outcome and where your attitude or focus goes your results go.


For instance, if you constantly focusing on everything going bad in your life chances are something will go bad. So the best advice I can help you here is start focusing on something else on the road.


If you’re driving and constantly looking at the trees instead of the car in front of you something is bound to happen.


Another tip you can pick up is the following. Focus on solutions in life instead of problems. Every time you catch yourself focusing on something negative or the problem switch it right away.


Always think in solutions. If something goes wrong in your life always try to find the solution. If you have noticed there are many people in the world today who are successful always focus on one thing. Solving problems for others.


That is why their life is going better for them and business. Become a problem solver.


Now this is going to be a very short article so I am going to give you the number one key to make your life better. The reason you’re not living the life you want to experience is because you don’t trust yourself.


Most pessimistic people I have come across with at my practice have one thing in common. They lack trust. They have trust issues. They cannot trust the others. They are completely independent and they have a world view very rigid.


Now that you know this. To break away from pessimism you have to trust others, the world and most of all yourself. Break away from your negative patterns that you cannot succeed. That you are not worthy or something bad will happen to you.


The most common reason I heard from most was “I am a bad person”. And with this label they see everything in the world badly.


I can only say that a negative world view is about the type of sponge information you absorbed. If you’re constantly seeing violence, failure, poverty, negativity some how your brain becomes accustomed to it and you don’t succeed.


So the last tip I will leave you here is watch you read see and absorb. I for one have stop watching the news 5 years ago and I don’t fee unsafe in the streets compare to my friends who are constantly hearing about gun violence, traffic incidents and more.


They’re always carry that negativity with them. Do yourself a favor and stop doing things in your life that will only taint you.


That said I want to hear from you in the comments below. What people or life circumstances are making you pessimistic?


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R. Ortiz



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