In the opening intro I mentioned that perspective or mindset has to do with how others can influence you.


Your family, friends, society, community, work etc all these experiences accumulated over time do have a great impact of how you see yourself and the world.


Now Imagine you are hanging out with negative people all the time. They are constantly miserable lost in life and have no way of aspiring for anything in life. If the law of networking is true. You become the five people you hang around with.


Guess what you will become? A miserable negative person. That is just simple logic but if you truly pay close attention to your life the reason you don’t see life as wonderful is because of the type of people and experiences you surround yourself with.


This is not your fault. When it comes to changing your world view of yourself and life you have to really start taking responsibility for that.


You know what? You actually have the power to change who you want to hang around with. Let me give you an example. I have friends who have no goals in life but it does not mean I should stop seeing them.


However I want to change the world and inspire others too. They are not on board with my philosophy so for some time I had to cut several people out of my circle. I did not cut them out completely but I realized that those people were not helping me grow.


My goal is to succeed and change my world view for myself and I had to find new friends. Guess what I did? I started self educating myself, started hanging out with other goal driven friends.


Now if you don’t have friends that’s okay too. Start reading successful people’s autobiographies and consider them your friends. Perhaps you might need to start making some book friends for a while before you meet new “real” friends.


So my advice for you is this. No one likes to be a push over or a doormat. Perhaps there are life situations you don’t have control over but to educate your mind and make the decision to hang out with people that you do have power.


Sometimes you have to set limits or barriers and cut people out of your life. Or move away as far as possible to begin a successful journey.




Being push over all the time is all about courage and if you feel that you need some in your life. Repeat the model I just gave you above. You need to make that extra step and start mingling with courages brave people.


Or if you don’t have any friends again immerse yourself with movies, literature, TV that will teach you how to become courage.


The sad truth about the world is this. The world will never favor the weak or the push overs in life. Even worst if they consider themselves doormats.


So either you start learning how to defend yourself from this cruel world or it’s going to eat you.


The best advice I can offer you right now is this. As a clinician I seen many people over the years and those who are doormats tend to have no direction in life. I strongly believe there is where you need to start.


Know a direction you’re going and change paths.


Now I want to hear from you. What is stopping you from overcoming that feeling of being pushed around. Is it really them? I want to hear it in the comments below.


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R. Ortiz


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