Let’s get right to the point. Success and living life is all about perspective or mindset.


Change your mindset change your mind. We all heard it.


Let’s get down to business. If you are working on changing your mindset. You have to stop blaming the finger for your mishaps on others and circumstances you have not control of.


If the sun is to hot outside don’t blame the sun for your rash cover yourself up and move on. The sun will always do what it must do the only person that must change or do something about his life is you.


Tip 1: Start taking responsibility


When it comes to developing a new mindset. We talked about working on apathy and the constant need to seek motivation, energy and constant motion.


Now we are going to cover the ideas you need to plant in your garden. You have to start taking full responsibility for your life.


No one is going to rescue you not even your family. So if you’re looking to overcome feeling helpless in life you need to stop depending on others.


Yes, family and friends love you but in this world no one really cares about you but yourself. Start planing seeds of self care and independence. Start seeing the world that in order to succeed you have to rely on yourself only.


Along the way there will be people who will help you but what would happen if one day they are gone. Do you go back to your cowardly bat cave?




You have to learn to be brave in this new world. You have to take risk. You have to build your mindset around this thinking. Life and this world only favors the strong and if you are not strong become one.


Life favors the rich because they work for it and work more. So if you can to become rich like those man you must work for it and work more than the average person. That is how the world works.


I have not seen them world favor that much the weak, the helpless and the dependent. I am not saying here to be a cruel human being but when you’re not where you supposed to be. And you are not where you DESERVE to be then it’s time to be a little selfish.


You have to believe and think about yourself most of the time and once you become successful or have improved that area in your life you’re working for then you can think about the rest.


A Helplessness mindset thinks about others too much. “Will they hurt me, how come they don’t help me”. This type of mindset will not get you anywhere.


Go out there and start getting what you deserve. Stop blaming everyone for your failures and change those failures. Remember the world only favors those who help themselves.




Another way to start thinking about life differently is life is all lessons. Even if you feel helpless and weak in that weakness lies strength.


Life is giving you all theses circumstances in life to make you strong. It wants to develop you into something greater if you allow yourself to accept challenges in life. Do not accept misfortunes but opportunities in life.


Every “negative” circumstance you have dubbed is just an experience it is up to you to seek what is the lesson you’re here to learn.


A quick tip is this. Every time I feel something went wrong in my life I tell myself “What is it trying to teach me?”. Eventually I have to keep asking this question over and over again until I am content with an answer.


Our brains are wired to survive but not to feel pleasure. So it is up to us to keep switching our thoughts, ideas and mindsets to one that fits. Try it and eventually you’ll get the hang of it. Takes practice.


Now If you really want to get serious and identify if you’re suffering from this. Check this article out at livestrong.com CLICK HERE


They say you might have this by the following:


You’re a manipulator and place things on others allowing you to depend on them more.


A false sense of incompetence, by making others believe that you lack the competence, intellect, skills and abilities to handle your own problems.


Fear of success so you don’t try as hard to suceed in life.


A lack of self-confidence and trust. You cannot trust yourself so you depend on others to much and feel weak and vulnerable at the same time. This usually leads to feelings of inferiority because you’re relying on others to do it for you.


Refusal to mature and become and adult because you’re afraid of taking responsibility.


Read the article for more in depth details.


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