If you read my previous article on apathy there are a good pointers there on how to get rid of it in yourself and see life differently.


That said I am going to share what apathy really is and what you can do about it to get rid of it.


As you know changing or being successful in any area of your life is about self improvement. And I always argue that self improvement is all about perspective. Those with better emotional crushing perspectives win.


If your point of view is not working then it’s time to change it. But what do you do when you face apathy along your journey?


Your environment or people are not the problem. Let’s start by addressing your attitude. The way you view life. Yes apathy is the biggest enemy for any entrepreneur, self growth enthusiast or any one who’s willing to improve some area of their life.


Before telling you what’s the solution I believe apathy is the number one enemy any person with dreams and goals faces from time to time.


But let me tell you the true. It’s your thinking. Your dreams are not big enough they are not real enough. You lack interest in them because you feel they are boring, un-real and false. That is why you lose persistence and motivation.


There is a cure for this. Start being honest with yourself if you can only life 20 pounds why are you trying to visualize you can do 50. Be real and be honest and you’ll get results. This will help you become motivated and see life in an honest more present way.


It is great you have a desire to succeed but when it’s out of your reach it will be unseen. Stay grounded and shift your perspective where it truly belongs.




This is going to hurt your bones. Lack of interest in life is not the enemy but your poor sense of emotional development.


You must learn to be emotional. You do not express and those who do not express their emotions become bottled up and dead inside. This is the homework I will leave you with.


If you really want to change your life you have to practice being emotional, vulnerable, cry, laugh show some emotion in your face. Emotional vulnerability develops emotional intelligence. I haven’t seen a bottled up person succeed yet.


When it comes to seeing life as a beautiful harmless place it starts with an emotional heart. To live a better life you must learn to feel good and the only way to get there is to face the music. Learn to express, learn to flow and most importantly become human.


That is the true key here. To remove apathy in your life is to become human. You forgot how to human.


So the verdict is in. It’s not a mental logical game but a feeling game. What ever it is you are pursuing if you don’t feel it you will develop apathy instead.


So go out there and find ways to develop your emotionality. Start being with nature, meditation, yoga, a sport anything that will get you moving inside.




Through out my years as a clinician I noticed one thing in common with people who suffer apathy. They don’t have a purpose to live in life.


They lack direction. They lack a path or road to follow. They don’t lack will. They are able bodies and capable of turning energy into motion right away.


Check this out. According to Psychologist Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D. You can read more here he also believes that people who suffer from apathy lost fundamental hope, belief in themselves, in their intrinsic goals and their ability to achieve goals.


In other words apathy can make you stop striving for anything. It’s like not caring about not caring.


I believe that can change. You have stored energy, you have motivation, drive but because you don’t know where to use it for you rather feel nothing and sit on it for a while. You must find direction. That is the solution I believe works best for anyone suffering apathy.


The best that I can offer you is to shift gears by picking a small direction or goal to fight over.


Pick something small or a goal you can do. Place close attention to your emotions when accomplished and keep setting yourself smaller goals. Once you have reach another level of boredom set a higher goal.


This will break that sense of apathy away in seconds.


To end this article the best advice is to start moving physically and emotionally to break away from that energy of “apathy” “indifference” “lack interest there of”. Just pick a direction and go. Be you.


That said I now want to hear from you. What problems are you having with apathy? Why is it so hard for you to shift perspective about your life?


I want to hear from you so go ahead and write a sentence or two below.


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R. Ortiz


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