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[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ECOMING. Life is about becoming, but becoming what? Becoming the best that you can possibly be, to reach forward in life and become more than you can possibly imagine, greater than yourself, bigger: more.

There is nothing in this world that will or should stop you. You are the one who decides where to go, where to land and when to breathe.

This is where you need to look deep inside yourself and question yourself what do you want to become now? Not tomorrow or some other day, what do you want to become right now? How do you want to be remembered in the upcoming year?

Your whole life is about to get serious. Look at yourself early in the morning at the mirror and tell yourself what will you become? It is nothing or something: become someone.

Become from your very essence who you truly are. Some part of you is calling and telling you to shine and become who you truly are. Some part of you is not scared to yell and out there and become someone in the world.


Have you asked yourself this question before to your mind? For what reason are you breathing the earth’s air? Are you deserving enough to be given a second chance in this world to discover your true passion in life. What will make you or break you?

You are a process of becoming have faith in that. Learn to love the person you are becoming. The old idea of who you must change now.

Who you are becoming is the right path to enlightenment and feel satisfied with that and nothing else. In that, you will find a small form of happiness.


The very person you will become should strike you in your core like a thunderbolt rom the heavens. Who you are becoming must be so powerful that it feels as if a ball of energy inside of you is waiting to burst and expand out of you.

Do not waste your idle thoughts on anything else, what I am saying here is just focus on who you are becoming. Just get there and let the rest of the world move itself for you. To get there is no hard journey, look to expand yourself into the becoming.

Feel that a powerful being inside you is becoming. Who are you going to be? It is not a specific model, person or thing that man wants to look for in life. It wants to become a specific emotion.

Most men are not after the money, but the emotion they become when they have the money. What are we waiting to see from you? Is it power, money, fame or something deeper than this. It should, only when you become an emotion will you become successful.

Who are you becoming?

Start by figuring out what emotion it is that you want to become. This is the very first step we must take in our lives to make us feel alive. Those of us who feel dull in our lives are the ones who are seeking a specific emotion in our lives to feel alive.

The seekers are those who love adrenaline, need meaning and need to become something they are not. We seek life. What we need to do is look deep inside ourselves and ask ourselves what is the sensation we are begging to receive. That is the first step in finding purpose, direction and meaning in life.

We are all after emotions and the more specific and desiring they are, we will become. So what is the emotion you want to become? Figure it out, the more specific the sensation the higher the chance you’ll become it. How? That is your homework, the only thing I hope is that you find it, feel it and live it daily.


1. What emotion or sensation are you after?

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2 Replies to “Becoming Now Yourself In A World Where You Are Unnoticeable”

  1. Great article Ricardo! It gave me a much needed kick in the pants. So many of us go through life half consciously, stuck in our routine and habits. We don’t often slow down to ask ourselves, “Where do I want to go?” I want to feel connected to the planet that I am apart of. I want to feel the true power of what being a human being means. You’ve given me a lot to consider.

    1. Donald, with the intention to help you, just follow your dream and keep going no matter what. Keep your writing idea alive forever! Watch it grow before your eyes.

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