When it comes to finding out who we really are you will know because you will experience it. It is a feeling you will recognize completely because you will know. This feeling that you will have is your life’s purpose. It is who you truly are. Only and only you will know that that feeling is true for you.

How Will I know it is true? Again only you will know it is true to you and no one else. When you are questioning this feeling such as your life’s mission in life you will know when it comes to you. It is not logical, mental or material. You will discover who you are by feeling it inside you. It is a feeling that will have to come to you and be ready to become aware of it and suddenly that feeling will feel like the truth. This truth is the real you. Some call it a calling, life’s purpose, soul, etc. but only you will know.

Experiencing your life’s purpose or mission in life you have to feel it. It is plain and simple.

You will know it is the truth because something inside of you will open up. You will see the world clearer, things in your life will make sense and a sudden urge of serenity and tranquility will surround your body.

But what if I do not feel that? Again spiritual awakening, life’s purpose is felt differently for everyone. The only thing you have to be aware of is that feeling. Be aware if that feeling is true to you. It will not be true or makes sense for anyone. Life’s purpose’s for each one of you is different. No two people are brought into this world to make the exact impact in the world. The feeling will always be different.

As longest it feels true to you then you must follow it. Only you will know who you truly are meant to be in this world when you experience it directly. In the happening or now.

So do not think about it. Your life’s mission is not something you will fabricate with the mind. It is not something you can think or force it to be. You will discover your life’s purpose by spontaneous revelations, appearing, messages etc. The best tool you have is inside of you: your heart. Feel it in your heart when it comes to you. There will be times in your heart that you have felt it but fail to ignore, multiple times.

Life will keep giving you these feelings and messages until you start living your purpose. This is what will make your heart fonder and full. Start listening to your heart and catch yourself when it comes to you because it could appear when times are rough, desperate times or when you’re happy.

You will discover this feeling when you start living a life that feels true to you. The truth is a feeling of happiness. It is when the world makes sense. Life is worth living and experiencing. You will know when it is time to start living your life’s purpose when you are unsatisfied with life. You will that life is more than this or get a sense life is more.

It will come to you in an aha moment. The best advice I can give you is to experience many things in life until something or someone feels real or true to you. In life you will have to try many careers, relationships, hobbies etc until it finally arrives and sparks something inside of you telling you that this is it. The real you.

How long will it take? It will take some time but the funny thing about living your truth is it does not come in an instant. It might take days, weeks or years. The great thing about this is it will come to you because you are already in a process of discovering.

The best advice I can relate to you is experience yourself fully. Allow yourself to go through multiple experiences until one feels right to you. This is your calling and that is your purpose in life. One you start being aware of it give it life. You must live your life purpose through feeling it. That is the real you. Let the real you flourish

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