Lonely- We are lonely in life because we are angry at the world but we hate to admit that we are truly angry with ourselves.

We Hate To Admit We Are Angry At Ourselves

Honesty is the only thing that will set us free. But do we truly practice it? No. We don’t accept this because we are childish in nature. One thing preventing us from seeing the truth is anger. Anger blinds us.

Anger has a curious way of blinding us from ourselves. When we practice being honest with ourselves we find that we are angry at the world because we are wounded inside. Experience has taught us to doubt others, fear others, and distance ourselves from them, why? Because we don’t want to be hurt.

We Are Scared

How do we get rid of anger? There is one way. We stop blaming everyone else for our miserable life. When we start taking responsibility for our own actions we start reducing our character defects, selfishness, stubbornness & egocentrism.

When we face our anger through responsibility we stop protecting our wounded heart and began to be noticed by our friends & family. In the beginning we used anger to feel dominant that is why we yelled, oppressed others to feel powerful and scream to get our ways. The world made us angry because we felt ignored. It made us feel less, isolated from the others. What we truly are angry at is “why doesn’t anyone love us?”

Searching For Love

We are searching for love. We want others to love us or better yet to feel loved. Thus, suffering will end once we began to leave our anger aside and remove our mask of anger. We must believe that there are people out there that love us. We have to eliminate the belief that everyone is out there to hurt us. When we remove this mask we will notice that love does exist. People will come to you once you take away that mask.

We Were The True Enemy

The enemy for our anger was not them. The true enemy we were angry at was at ourselves. The person we must face is ourselves because we are angry with ourselves. We are angry that we are hurt, isolated, miserable & hopeless. We are angry with ourselves also because life has taught us to be, this is just an excuse. Don’t justify yourself, we take action and change. There is no more pretending to be tough or mean, we are sensitive beings in search for love.

The only way we will release ourselves from anger is through love, removing our angry mask & began to trust others because not everyone is out there to hurt us. Be open.



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Ricardo Ortiz is a licensed psychotherapist. He’s currently works at a clinic helping addicts & depressive people. He’s author of Feeling Good Has Never Been This Easy. , an initial step on understanding emotions.






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