I believe most people are amiably action seekers especially those with strong goals they ooze for achievement.

But what fabricates a man to freeze his actions towards his goals? A better query is; what scares away the person’s feet from moving forward?

Every man is a man of action. But deep down in his mind he knows he desires success. He craves it. But why doesn’t he do anything about it?

It is his fears that hold him back, laziness, fear what?

I believe man has to build a strong mindset if he ever wants to achieve his goals. Desire and fortitude are strong elements. He must believe he is greatness, and more. Such a complex ideology is needed.

He must think big, man, woman of course. He cannot allow procrastination or fear to enter his mind. Worry only cements his dreams shackled to the ground.

He must stop living in his head if he ever is to seek action. His dreams will only materialize before his eyes like a born child when he moves swiftly. He must not just move his body, but spirit or soul. You cannot have a dead soul to move.

A soul is the true mover of action. Fantasies in his head must end. He is no longer a child. He desires as he looks around how everyone else is enjoying life. These are adequate elements to move a person to take action. But place close attention here.

A man’s dream does not stand still when he moves his thoughts around. He is a man of action, alternatives. He always find a way to penetrate through. He learns from his mistakes and burdens and embraces failure because he has ended living in his head.

A pessimistic mind does not ever achieve anything. It worries it, breaks it down into smaller fear pieces. It becomes dark. A successful person always see’s a bright future for him even when it’s not. This is what makes him continue action. Despite the failures, a massive action taker always has a strong vision in mind.

He shines on his own thoughts.

“We must not fill our minds with rubbish and facts, in the silly hope of keeping our place immobilized .”

To wake a lazy mind it needs to remember its a stallion ready to be free. Only he can unhinged himself for freedom. Furthermore, I have seen that to keep working on one’s goal man has to stop feeling pity for himself.

Self pity is the work of doubt.

It does not harvest fruit. A mind cannot be doubtful it cannot only be content with vicariously living. It grows from allowing itself to live errors, fears and lost. It becomes strong through every hit it receives.

The mind has to feel destined. That is the key.

The Truth Be Told

There is only one door standing in our way. But we have allow it to remained locked before our very energetic eyes. The irony, we are the key bearers of such door.

There is only one door that opens a man’s mind. That is to open the door because he is the only true key bearer. The key you seek no one else has.

To be honest. There are many doors a man will face in life but to stop his quiver at the sight of his goal he do his own work. No one else will shovel the dirt for him. This is where you will sweat and toil. It is part of personal development.

It is time to live the world, and take a deep breath from the soil ground. Suffocation ends today.

There is no pride in contemplating death, fear, and life in the mind. A lazy and inactive mind only goes so little in life. Life passes by through those who take no action and let their sentiments of pity swallow them away. A strong ambition for life is needed for those who desire massive action.

Inaction only breeds more inaction.

If nothing is done to rescue a dream the dream dies within one’s head. Dreams perished. And leave in a man’s heart emptiness. Destinies are build by movement, flow. Lionized are those who achieve greatness.

There has been times when change comes to those unexpectedly but it occurs. Well, in other words, dreams are sparked through premeditation which is action. A goal comes alive by first a thought followed by only a small pebble of stress. A lift of a finger is all it takes.

Even a small pebble makes a splash in the vast universe.

Life does not have to become a dull pond and even a vortex is affected by small stones.

To put action towards a goal the mind must feel it exist. When the person feels he exist with a purpose he moves, he plants, he waits and sees.

Goals are welcoming only to those with courage, action, and movement. It favors the one’s who move quickly, opportunist. They seek to feel alive because they grew tiresome of death breeding inside.

There is no dream to big a man can have. That is the trouble with most men. The size of their goal intimidates them and stop. Once man overcomes that fear he can move mountains. He takes massive action but he has discovered he is more than his thoughts. He goes beyond them.

Building a dream takes hard work and small steps, gentile steps are better than no steps at all.

The aim of life is self-development. That is why he moves. He believes this philosophy.

He seeks constant perfection growth. He is not afraid of his true nature.

What are you most worried about that you are not taking action?


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