You have a goal and dream you want to accomplish and you find it difficult putting it down. Well that would the ideal right.


To never stop working towards your goals and dreams. You want to pursue a goal day in and day out because you know quitting for you is not an option.


So if you’re interested there is a way of thinking or ideas that can help you not put down your goal or dream and keep pursuing it with high intensity, stamina and finally get to the finish line.


Thinking Idea number 1


Protect something you love. In this case I am not referring to a family member or son or daughter. Which that could help you in this situation.


That same feeling you have that you will do anything in your power to protect your son or daughter is the same intensity you must feel for your goal.


When you start having that same feeling for your business, dream or goal that is when you will be successful.


Tip #2


Now imagine you have a dream and goal which I know you have but you’re having problems realizing it.


A second easy psychological tip that will help you is imagine if everyone in the world, your family, friends, and children have tried everything in the world to accomplish your dream goal but failed.


And failed miserably. And have left the rest for you to finish. Would you give up or finish what they started.


Sometimes you have to believe in your head that you’re the only one that can do this and if you don’t do this imagine all the people you will destroy and hurt.


Imagine if you were the only one who had the cure for something you would share it right because many people depend on you.


Another motivator is you have to think that if you’re the only one with this specialize knowledge it is your sole duty to share it.


You have this grand idea for a business, a goal in life and you have this strong urge to share it because you are the only one who carries the knowledge and solution.


Will you share it of course?


Tip #3


You are their only hope. You must believe and to convince yourself not to give up on your goals and dreams you have to believe you’re their only hope.


This is the part where you are not just it for yourself but for your friends and family and especially that feeling for someone close.


I sometimes tell people imagine that person that has been very close to you in childhood. That one person you admire your whole life and has left you perhaps they passed away.


Would they be proud of you right now? Would they be proud of what you have not finished?

That should motivate you to pursue your goals and get a change of attitude.


Changing your attitude towards your goal is a key to reaching success, being driven in life and not giving up.


Master your attitude towards life, your goal and dreams and watch everything in life become easy.


There should be no reason to give up on them. It’s just about a change of attitude.


Now I want to hear from you. What attitude, mindset, frameworks are stopping you from continuing, finishing or reaching your goal?


Share your thoughts and comments below and share this piece of work with anyone who needs a change of framework.

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R. Ortiz

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