3 Rules For Addressing Extreme Laziness Successfully

3 Rules For Addressing Extreme Laziness Successfully


I’m a psychologist providing helpful tips on inspiration and helping people grow.

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  1. Ricardo, Thank you for the 2nd point especially. As I have begun to learn and grow my business, set goals, master social media (if it’s possible), figure out where to spend my very few marketing dollars, listen to the successful people….I too echo that after a long exhausting day trying to do it everybody else’s way, I realize that it does not work for me. I become discouraged, and feel like “why am I even trying? this is impossible!” It is a dreadful funk, a complete brain-clogging mess!

    And that is why I’m slowly pulling back from the people to tell me I have to do it their way. If it doesn’t feel right to me, I’m starting to re-evaluate. Am I saying no because I’m fearful (yeah, I’ll admit that some of the time, and I need the gentle push from wise leaders to keep stretching my wings)? Or, am I saying no because this is not who I am. And when I step back and realize that Johanna (me!) has a voice and a story to tell. It has to be done my way, with my voice, and my gut-feelings. Yes, I want to remain teachable and continue to learn, but at the end of the day, I want to be proud of what I am accomplishing and have the enjoyment to come back tomorrow and do it all over again.

    So thank you! I am choosing to be self-guided and continue on this journey. I am choosing to fly in a slightly different direction with wings outstretched. ~ Johanna

    • Ricardo says:

      Its great to be self-guided, and learn from others too. The best part is to put your own essence, your personality
      and do what is right for you at the end. : )

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