Has it ever come to you that the reason you haven’t achieved your goals in life is because of your extreme laziness?

When are you going to wake up and stop procrastinating when you know deep down in your soul mind it’s beneficial to you to fight for what you want in life.

When are you going to stop taking garbage from yourself and start creating the life you truly desire? Stop leaving behind the thing you most desire. This is the time for you to wake up and smell the roses because if you don’t pluck someone else will. You need to stop and avoid telling your at all cost to avoid your goal. That is ridiculous.

No one in their most healthy mind should wish that self-Sabotage in themselves. Why would you do that?

This is your time and not tomorrow. You must take action towards your dreams, your goals and desires today. Personal development does not fall from the sky. You need to stop complaining and truly wake yourself up. No one in this world will do it for you.

Goal setting is not easy. It’s not meant to be. If it were easy everyone would be doing it. That is why you are special. You are choosen to make your dreams come true because you deserve it. And it all starts with having new psychology.


1. Create New Work

One of the main reasons to beat laziness is you’re not doing new work. When you have reach a new level of boredom you get lazy, you get tired and quit. When you are not creating new work you die slowly inside.

You have to keep setting goals that will help you grow not just emotionally but mentally, physically and spiritually. Just knowing that the goal or task at hand is going to be beneficial to you is not enough. How many people do you know that know eating healthy is beneficial for them but do not exercise.

You have grown tired and it is time to make your goal setting interesting. Make it exciting. Make it fun.

You must create new reasons why not to quit. Just having one is not enough. There are people out there making a difference in the world with one reason, one purpose. But that is them. We are different. You need more than one reason everyday, every week to constantly keep fueling and convincing yourself to keep going, to keep moving and take some sort of action that will inspire you towards your goals.

You are different from everyone else. Yes, you have to work as hard and even double then the rest because you decided to not get motivated by one reason. Again, many “normal” people just need one reason to move. You are not them so do not kid yourself that one reason will propel you to success.

You need to find many more until you decide to put an end to this then all things will change for you.

Start with goals and reasons that energy you and make you feel alive. This is a start.

Goal Setting To Become A Better Person

Your psychology works different from everyone else’s. You must convince yourself that what you’re going to do in life is worth it. It’s going to make you feel alive and make you feel less dead inside. When you have accomplish this in life then you will be successful.

Keep your dream alive. Keep your spirits up and running, go out there and start your mission. Once you have started , start creating new work, new ideas, but always staying with the same objective.

To truly put an end to your laziness your goal must inspire you, move you and challenge your creativity. If your goal is not challenging your creativity then you have lost at the game of life and you will forever remain a loafer in life.

You are a loafer and a loafer’s best weapon is an active creation. Procrastinators are creative people and if they don’t put their gift to good use they get bored and die.

2. Do It The Way You Can Do It

The errors I have seen many do is trying to mimic or copycat another person’s way of doing things. Remember you are a creative being. If you are not using your own original creativity and using another’s you are bound to fail.

You have to do the journey your way or you will lose interest. In other words, you will fail in life if you do it the way another person is doing it. The best advice I can give you is to start doing things your way, at your own pace and do it the way you feel will work and keep you moving. I cannot stress this enough. This is why I repeat it to you. Do it your way.

Believe your way is the right way, the correct way and in time you will get out of your funk and start taking action where you need to.

3. Be Self Guided

Many procrastinators have conflict of interest with authority. And this is why they don’t take action or do the opposite which is fail. Your boss or family tell you what is best for you but your internal loafer hates being told what to do and you purposely fail.

This is what you do. You must listen to others and learn to be self guided. If you truly believe that your way is the right way then prove it to them. However, if it’s just ego or pride that is talking then fail miserably. If you know their way works then shut up and do it and stop complaining.

The part of being self-guided is being honest with yourself. Eat your pride for a short while, let yourself be guided and then puff! become self-guided afterwards. You do not need to held by the hand all the time to start taking action. Do it with the help of others and sooner or later you will eventually walk. Stop crawling on the floor when others can teach you how to walk.

But, it’s time to put that childish thinking away and start working on your self and on your goals like an adult. Start taking responsibility for your actions and be self-guided and be tough and hard on yourself. Sometimes that is what you need. A hard hand. Stop being soft with yourself that gets no one anywhere.

To close this article remember this and it’s not my thought it’s yours. Remember that the goal you pick is beneficial to you, you know this and I know this. So why aren’t you doing it. Start now.

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2 Replies to “3 Rules For Addressing Extreme Laziness Successfully”

  1. Ricardo, Thank you for the 2nd point especially. As I have begun to learn and grow my business, set goals, master social media (if it’s possible), figure out where to spend my very few marketing dollars, listen to the successful people….I too echo that after a long exhausting day trying to do it everybody else’s way, I realize that it does not work for me. I become discouraged, and feel like “why am I even trying? this is impossible!” It is a dreadful funk, a complete brain-clogging mess!

    And that is why I’m slowly pulling back from the people to tell me I have to do it their way. If it doesn’t feel right to me, I’m starting to re-evaluate. Am I saying no because I’m fearful (yeah, I’ll admit that some of the time, and I need the gentle push from wise leaders to keep stretching my wings)? Or, am I saying no because this is not who I am. And when I step back and realize that Johanna (me!) has a voice and a story to tell. It has to be done my way, with my voice, and my gut-feelings. Yes, I want to remain teachable and continue to learn, but at the end of the day, I want to be proud of what I am accomplishing and have the enjoyment to come back tomorrow and do it all over again.

    So thank you! I am choosing to be self-guided and continue on this journey. I am choosing to fly in a slightly different direction with wings outstretched. ~ Johanna

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