Hi I am glad you’re here. Welcome to my Personal Improvement Blog. Have a seat. It’s a place for you to gain encouragement in your life.

I’m Ricardo a Clinical Psycholgoist since 2008 helping people build courage & confidence for their dreams or personal goals in life.

I am going to share advice to encourage you to not give up on your personal goals. They are there for a reason. You will attain them.

You will have them just be patient. Focus on building your mind.

All my content is for you. I share from clinical personal experience what has work and what not.

So what do you think want to join?

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1. I write about personal development especially in encouraging others to pursue their personal goals and not give up on life.

2. I write about having a strong personal inner courage. I believe those who want more, achieve more and exceed more from themselves succeed better in life. And I know you are one of them. Trust me I see it in you.



The essence of my philosophy is this very short and simple:

Make Someone Else’s Life Better Through Encouragement



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I’m Ricardo Ortiz, clinical psychologist and inspiring motivational writer and every month I share with you new encouraging content tips on personal achievement.







R. Ortiz






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