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“Welcome to Ricardo Ortiz’s Page – a simple website helping you develop a better mindset”


This Is Why You MUST Read This Page?

Plain and simple it’s a page for you if want to have more time to do the things you truly love, spend more time with their family, get things done and live a better life through a new perspective.

But, here’s the long version:

I am going to share with you the mental tools you need to become more driven in life and this has to do with developing a strong consistent growth mindset.

Many of us have dreams and goals but how come we end up not living the good life?

It’s because we are not developing a growing mindset.


My goal is to help you develop that skill.

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About Me

  • Ricardo Ortiz Chavez Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • 10+ Yrs. Practicing Clinical Psychotherapy
  • Personal development writer
  • Motivational Interviewing coaching skills
  • And a Great Sense Of humor




The essence of my philosophy is this very short and simple:

Make Someone Else’s Life Better



I am Ricardo Ortiz Chavez. I hold a bachelors in psychology from The University of California Santa Cruz and a masters degree in Systemic Family Therapy from UNIVA.

My goal is to inspire people to grow.






Leave a question or comment below I would like to know what you think.


R. Ortiz






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