David is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture created between 1501 and 1504 by Michelangelo. Many may say that is perfection of man at its greatest. But I wonder if we who struggle to become our best version of ourselves, would we ever achieve that or even get close to it?

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] say this because we are surrounded by great geniuses, resources, successful role models in life but how come we haven’t developed into our greatest self yet? How can we chisel ourselves into the person we want to become? This is one reason why. The reason we are not our greatest self is because we have it all wrong. It is not about changing our mentality 100%. It is about using the right tool. Perhaps that is where we are failing. We need instead a tool and not an attitude to take us where we need to go.

I questioned myself What tool do we need right now that will change our life? What is it? There has to be a tool out there in our life we are completely blind about.If you haven’t noticed perhaps the tool we need is not out there but within. With that same tool when you become aware of it it will change your life like you have no idea.

That is where we must place our attention too. The tool is within.

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One thing missing in transforming into the greatest version of ourselves is decision. We are insecure people well most but not all. But those who struggle with self-development lack not the “why” in their vocabulary but the certainty of being firm. We lack firmness. If we are serious about our greatest self we make the decision of doing it. We let the b-s to the side and start now, not today, not tomorrow but now! By starting now become committed. Let’s put the excuses to the side and let’s put action to our words. We START NOW! This will become a must for us, not holding back and going all the way. We MUST convince ourselves it is now this very moment we begin.

There should be no way in our minds to let an opportunity like this pass by. This is what we do. We must be focused enough to be convinced that the time to start is now. If we are not convinced to start now then it is not a goal we must follow.

To achieve greatness we must have direction in life. We MUST know where we are heading. Sincerely speaking our mind is on different tracks, different roads and the one thing you need to do is just pick one. We cannot drive on multiple roads at the same time. Just pick one. And pick the one that will take you where you need to be. Even if we do not know just start somewhere please.

We should at least give us the benefit of a doubt to start somewhere. Just try. Somewhere is better than no where. What am I saying here you must pick a road and drive. We must learn to stick to one thing only and see it through to the end.



Secondly, once we have a set destination on our gps we must see it through to the end. We must mustard all our will power and practice tolerance, patience and what not to keep driving through that road. In order to become the greatest version of ourselves we cannot let certain aspects of our life go undone. We finish what we start even if we complain. This builds tolerance and discipline for success. So the task we leave ourselves is: If we start something or anything regarding our personal growth or success, we finish it till the end.

I share this with you because one reason we are not our greatest version of ourselves is because somewhere down the road we stop, quit, or leave things undone. It is time to jumpstart ourselves again and start going with all we got. Dreams cannot be achieved half way or half done. We commit ourselves 100% to ourselves, our job, our relationships and our goals. Success will be given to us once we change our way of doing things. We commit fully and get it done. Even if it is in small pieces we get it done. Even if it takes weeks, months or years you do it.



I believe we can achieve our greatest version of ourselves through practicing tranquility. We must learn to become patient with our lives, self and others. Life is not rushed but lived and felt.

Success for us will never ever arrive overnight. It is only through hard work and respecting time and years. Life is telling us to enjoy it through peace and tranquility. I have seen how life can pass us by without us noticing. Do not be like this instead learn to take it step by step, observe life, and let it unfold by itself.

Respect yourself and be patient with your own self. Let yourself unfold.

Through this practice we will learn to make less mistakes in life. It will teach us to become prudent. It is a challenge of everyday. We face challenges of life through heart and confrontation. In a way it will teach us courage as well. In life we sometimes have to learn chaos before we arrive at peace. Let’s give us the opportunity to work on this matter in ourselves and reach tranquility and peace of mind.

I have noticed that the best version of ourselves lies when the mind is calm.

Our greatest version lives in tranquility and it also lives in certainty. You cannot expect great things without having your greatest self living in uncertainty. Never doubt yourself and never let your insecurities control you. Take courage and face the bull every day. Live a life of passion. Your greatest version is full of passion. Go find him. You are of a selected few in the world who desire to be great. Show courage, valor and strength towards yourself. Do it for yourself and at the end you will chiseled your true self.


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