It’s funny to me to imagine how so many feel that sitting on your ass is going to help you meet your goal. I guess they imagine their goal will magically fly through their window wrap in a nice bow and puff magic happens. But it’s not like that.

So how do you carry out your goal? Well first is not sitting on your ass. Get up and start doing something that will help you meet your goal. You must accept what kind of person you are. You are either lazy and accept the truth that you will never meet your goal and this does not give you the right to complain or shout. And shut up or become a man of action and start leading a new life. A life of action.

You cannot succeed with your mind. You must create a new mind. A mind that creates. Have a mind that is strong enough to believe in the following. “I am going to succeed no matter the circumstances!” If you can get past this you are half way there.

You must not doubt yourself not even an inch. Trust yourself or let the leaders go through. Step aside if you believe this is not for you and you believe this is too much for you.

However, if you are ready here are the steps.

Pick a goal any goal just pick something that will get you moving. Pick something that you can do that will not stress you out. Here are the seven tips to help you.

  1. Focus on your result. Do not get distracted no matter how high the temptation. If the goal is so big or so important then there should be no excuse for you not to do it. This goal should inspire you, move you like music and most of all change you in the year to come. It transforms you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  2. Read a book. Educate yourself, you don’t know how many people I have met in my life with potential but to lazy or dumb to pick up a book. In today’s age you must be educated, smart and learned. If you worry don’t be you can educate yourself for free online. There is no excuse for you not to succeed.
  3. Resources. Learn who can help you. This is the part where you must reach out and not be shy. Timid people do not succeed. Be bold, be courageous learn to get out of your shell.
  4. Create a plan. Literally sit down and take a piece of paper out and write your plan out. As a therapist I can count how many people after a coaching or therapy session do not write their plan and forget.
  5. Start with the most important. Start with the most important thing in your plan which is yourself. Everything else is secondary and you have to invest and nurture yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. The more you invest in yourself the higher your will power will become and you will get closer to where you need to be or become.
  6. Put action to your plan. This is what most people leave out. Do not do this. This is not you. Do not be lazy you know you have to do what you have to do to get there. Do not make excuses just do it. Learn to suck it up and go through the pain. You do what you must do and shut up.
  7. Remove all the garbage you have in your head. Get a free antivirus screen cleaner. Remove every limiting belief you can detect in yourself. Start therapy, coaching do something about your life.

Most of all build confidence in yourself.

Confidence + action = success.

Lastly do not be lazy. Train your mind, create new thoughts about you, believe in them and practice them. This practices will make you a better person and if you follow these steps you will succeed and become powerful.

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