It seems that when we are young, our passions and desires drive us to set our ideas and goal about our future. And at that point, everything seems possible and within our reach. Sadly, the older you get, the wider the gap between your current situations and where you want to be. Why is that? Are the odds against you? Did you give it a try? Did someone laugh at your ambitions?


All this plays a damaging role. They can be discouraging, but they shouldn’t be the reason to give up on your dreams. Follow your childhood dreams with consistent efforts!




Most people, especially entrepreneurs fail to pursue their goals for fear of failure. Little do they know, this is denying them an opportunity to grow and learn? History reminds us of many successful and famous people had to fail many times before they achieved what they hoped in life. Before Abraham Lincoln could become the most powerful person on the planet, he had to fail at war, as a lawyer, as a businessman and even at his first glance in politics.


Tomas Edison’s teacher called him stupid as he failed so many times trying to invent the light bulb. He later told the world that he had first to discover a thousand ways in which the bulb could not work! How about Coca-Cola Company, did you know that during their first year they sold just 25 bottles?


If there’s something we can learn from all these people and much more in our communities, it’s the positive roles of failure in our quest to get to where we want!




With failure comes persistence. Unfortunately, our wishes are never granted right away. We can’t afford to give up too quickly. Having hundreds of challenges and blocks doesn’t justify that all is lost. Find a new perspective and approaches in case the ones at your fingertips seems not to work anymore. If the goal is to get out, don’t just stare at that closed door when there is an open window!

Persistence can only be tested through hardships. There is no way you can learn to get back on your feet if you have never fallen. Each time we collect pieces or pick ourselves up, we become much stronger, and this improves our capacity to attain our ultimate goals.




It’s boring to wait for years for you to have something to celebrate. Break your dream into small stepping-stones of success along the way. These are small accomplishments that you can be proud of. They keep you motivated and often helps push you to the next sub-goal, and soon enough, you’ll get there.




Many sweet encounters are found in the quest. There is a fundamental reason why the pursuit of beautiful experiences never leaves our conscious. Friendships, memories, life lessons, love, skills etc. Primarily, a good life is what we get when we move towards our goals. Applying for that University which seems out of your grades, you might meet your other half. In striving for that promotion, you might come across a mentor or a friend. Joining that team, you can get to tour the world! You just need to follow your passions to feel the value of the pursuit!

If you only you had an idea how close you are! If you could only speculate the impact of one more interview, one more phone call, and just one more visit to the library for your studies! You can’t just give up far too soon. We cannot see what our future holds, but we can hold on and keep striving to achieve our purpose in life!




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