7 Moments That Basically Sum Up Your Self-sacrifice Experience.

Self-sacrificing painting by Stanislav Bogdanov


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2 Responses

  1. Vernon says:

    Hi Ricardo,
    I had a friend once who told me that if I really want change I must change everything. This post reminds me of that.
    It all starts with our perception of ourselves. We create what we believe about ourselves.
    That inner child you talked about have a big influence on our thinking. Traveling and reading keeps us open-minded to new ideas. And the past to me is for one thing only: remembering what worked so you can apply it in the present. If not, one can get stuck on what didn’t work.
    Great post!

    • Ricardo says:

      Vernon, that is the best self advice one can have. Always keep evolving the perceptions of who you are and what you want to be. Do not let anyone plant seeds of doubt or fear in your soul. You are a wonderful human being and always learn from others, your past and better yet help others. We are all walking mental libraries full of billions of experiences. Take care. Rich

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