In life you only live once and  some sacrifice what they are to become who they want to be. So, what does it mean to sacrifice what you are for what you will become?

It means you have to destroy your old self and become a new self. This person you are is not going to get you places. It is not going to solve your problems. Kill him before it kills you.

This is what you need to sacrifice about you  to become this “new” you.

1. Transform yourself completely. Those looks, the old you will not take you places. Just like you have to think different and act different you need a new body suit to match your new thoughts. This is what you need to sacrifice, your appetite. Sacrifice your appetite of failure and develop an appetite for success. You need a strong body to take you places. To give you the energy you need and carry out everything you need for living. Set the bar high so only you can surpass it. Go running, go hiking, do a sport. Do anything that will cut your appetite for failure and put you in the best shape of your life. 80% of your diet should be clean and the rest fats. Learn to sacrifice the diet. So, sacrifice one is sacrifice your appetite and be hungry for a better stronger lighter body that will move you places efficiently & faster.

2. Sacrifice your old friends. Get rid of all the bad influences in your life that will not help your personal development in life. You need people to care for you. You need people who will help you build your dream brick by brick. Get people who believe. Do not spend your time with “friends” full of hopes and doubts. They are not the type to help you accomplish your  goals. Make a list of all those friends you  must sacrifice. Scratch them off your list and do not feel bad. Either succeed in life or spend the rest of your life with loser company. This is a tough decision but do it. Party hardy with friends or live a better dream.

3. Sacrifice your old way of thinking and seeing the world. Go outside and read a book, start talking to intelligent people, learn a new hobby anything that will help you change your worldview about life, yourself and others. You need literature that will help change the opinion of you and life. More importantly literature, media, videos, knowledge that will change the way you think about yourself. Travel the world see if people think differently about you. In some countries what you consider invaluable is valuable in others. In some countries you are a loser but in others doing the same thing you might be a God. Well not God but similar. Traveling opens your mind to new opportunities, new people and you become closer to sacrificing your old way of thinking and developing what is important in your life. Be flexible with your thinking do not be rigid or old fashion. Always explore your limits, always explore your fears, cries, shame and happiness. Let your imagination run wild and sacrifice yourself for yourself to grow a newer version of you. Change the world. Become somebody in life and the only way is to think different, feel different and be different.

4. Sacrifice your boring self and develop an adventures personality. Get out there and do things that will embarrass you or shame you. Shame is the highest motivator for change. Complaining is a high motivator too to get the old and become the new. Become someone who if you had to go back in time you will be proud of what you would become. Become someone fresh. Yes, this is the key word. Become someone fresh, clean and unique that provides value to you and others. Do not be selfish learn with others. Boredom dies when we place attention to others and become compassionate. Learn to become compassionate with you and others too. This trait will take you places. Spend time with people who are successful they have much to say and teach you.

5.Remember the past but do not live in it. Do not get stuck in your past. Learn to sacrifice who you were to become who you are to be. The future does not live in the past. Live like the person you want to become. If you were a great leader before and loser now, then accept it and keep going in life. It does not exist anymore. It only exist in your mind. Admit failures in life and grow and learn from them. Leave the past where the past belongs and learn to live.

6. Do not be afraid of taking risk in life. Many people play it safe and do not take risks in life in order to grow. Learn also to sacrifice that weakling child of yours still living inside of you. Many will say you have to comfort your inner child or heal him to move on. You don’t have to. All you must do is start behaving like a mature adult and risk, risk risk. You do not know how many times people do not do this. They are stuck in the past as their inner child. You are not a child anymore and start acting like you are a grown adult ready to take on the world. Become an adult.

7. Become what you most desire. Learn to sacrifice that part of you that does not believe in you. Usually its an experience trap inside your mind’s past and it keeps haunting you over and over again. If you know what is blocking you from your success then get therapy. Sacrifice your ego for a bit and learn to seek help from others especially professionals who are willing to help you resolve those inconclusive issues. Face them head on. Talk about them, cry, scream because sooner or later you have to face them and grow. Sacrifice that “victimize” attitude of yours. That attitude will not help you.

These are just pointers on what you need to sacrifice from your old self in order to succeed and become someone new in life. There are many but I am just sharing a few. The best thing you can do is learn to sacrifice all those weak points in your life and learn to mature a bit and develop them. Do not be lazy, do not procrastinate and best of all if you really want to succeed in life you will do it. Believe always in yourself and if you need to sacrifice that doubtful person in you, then it is time to sacrifice him immediately. Why are you suffering and letting him win get over it and move on.

There is always another man inside every man that wants to live. Give him a shot in life for he will take you places you won’t take yourself.


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2 Replies to “7 Moments That Basically Sum Up Your Self-sacrifice Experience.”

  1. Hi Ricardo,
    I had a friend once who told me that if I really want change I must change everything. This post reminds me of that.
    It all starts with our perception of ourselves. We create what we believe about ourselves.
    That inner child you talked about have a big influence on our thinking. Traveling and reading keeps us open-minded to new ideas. And the past to me is for one thing only: remembering what worked so you can apply it in the present. If not, one can get stuck on what didn’t work.
    Great post!

    1. Vernon, that is the best self advice one can have. Always keep evolving the perceptions of who you are and what you want to be. Do not let anyone plant seeds of doubt or fear in your soul. You are a wonderful human being and always learn from others, your past and better yet help others. We are all walking mental libraries full of billions of experiences. Take care. Rich

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