How to live outside one’s head?

It is a delightful and intriguing question that many have trouble overcoming. How do you stop living inside your head? When it comes to becoming the greatest version of your self-possible you have to remember that you are born in this world with a purpose.

In a way you have to believe the statement. If you are not a strong believer of such inquiry then you might as well give up. But do not be foolish. You are here because you want to succeed and more.


Let’s get to the bottom line. This is what you must do, and its imperative that you heed my words. Get out of your head! Yes, this is the first step to setting in stone, in paper, or which ever device or material you use to get things done do it.


You have to start giving more time, priority and busy your self with thoughts that are empowering, enriching and better for your future. To live outside your mind or head you have to pay attention where your energy goes. I know you’re a busy person but truly truly look inside yourself and there is a thought, a feeling, or sentiment that is bothering you.


Eliminate that sentiment quickly. You have no time to lose. In my years if I may share this with you, I have seen many fail in their life’s dream because they busy themselves with foolish thoughts or bad demeanor.


Get rid of it. This debauchery is not for you. You have to expand your thoughts and busy yourself with neutral, happy, explosive thoughts. This comes with a price. Do not complain about life. Complaining about life is a big no no that imprisons intelligent minds.


So what is the first rule, eliminate hatred towards yourself, life and others, stop complaining and busy yourself with empowering towards working thoughts and actions.


Let me share this with you. Another thing that you must eliminate from your repertoire is fear. I am sorry I am not the one who can teach you this; this is something you have to learn on your own.


Many people but not as yourself live inside their heads because of fear. Fear of the outside is much greater and painful than fear created from within or below. If you can manage to escape this shackles you are one step closer to putting one step ahead of your goal. Or in other words beginning if you haven’t done so.


Many again not like yourself, rather live in their heads because it’s safe. No it’s dangerous to live in a world full of ghost. When you have overcome the fear of living inside your head the next step you must per take is believe that your inner world is going to help you.


Keep in mind to succeed in life you must put action, movement, and move in the “real world” by simpling living in your head nothing of that sort will happen. Stop thinking immediately living inside your head is safe; it’s quite dangerous and terrible indeed.


Real dreams are created not thought. Hence, do not day dream what you can create tomorrow or today. I prefer would like for you to take action today of course.


Not let’s get on with the action part. To start your dream goal you must learn that being in your head will not accomplish it. Come on; tell your brain or thoughts to do it, of course not. So you have to start moving. To get out of one’s head we must learn to action more and think less. Yes, you have heard quite well indeed. You must learn to move more and think less.


You have probably heard of the 80-20 rule right, of course you have you are intelligent!


So if those pesky little critters do not leave you alone (thoughts) start taking action towards your goal immediately and leave that Disney fantasy world of yours closed.


Another food for thought, is that even right? Is fantasy worlds give you fake bliss. Yes, you heard it right. Inner world fantasy thoughts in your head only give you temporary happiness or what I like to say pseudo-smiles. It’s like hyping yourself with drugs and during the crash you get depressed. Do not do this at home.



Constantly remind yourself that living in your head is temporary bliss and creating a life for yourself outside your head is long lasting unlimited explosive happiness. Try it.


So I will leave this important and significant decision up to you. Choose from either temporary bliss or permanent growing bliss, what do you choose? Believe in this.



It is quite wonderful almost child’s play secluding one’s self in a fantasy world but what benefit will it do for you? Disappointment, is that what you desire? I beg your pardon your heart is fond of happiness and building your life’s work (dream life).


But what if the above mental tools do not work? Perhaps you have to take drastic measures under your belt. Question yourself in silence or in your own mind if you see yourself 20,30, or 40 years from now being happy living ONLY in your head? Wouldn’t you rather create the life of your dreams?


Staying firm in one’s head might be delightful for a child who is lonely, but as you look at yourself in the mirror you deserve more than fantasy castles and dreams cars. How about you start living outside your head and start putting action into your words.


Wouldn’t it be grand to live your life as your thoughts? This is what you must do. Become part of that 1% who succeeds and create the reality of your dreams and to get there you must learn to counsel your own minds, rid your demons and face your fears.


As I can tell you have what it takes to put your thoughts into action.

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