A Powerful Why That Will Change Your Life

Sometimes in life I wonder why am I not as successful as I supposed to be. I have gifts. I have talents, but why am I not living the dream. Then I began to harbor thoughts about how unsuccessful I am despite all that I have accomplished in life. Then my motivation for life slows […]

A Crazy Garden : Water Your Mind Daily

Your Mind Is A Garden Would be nice to have a garden. Learn to be a good gardener it will be useful in life. I share these words with you because something is holding your garden from growing. Pay attention to that. Do not let it go dry. Look around your garden. Let the world […]

Giving Mountains Of Life To Your Dying Voice

LIFE [dropcap]I[/dropcap]n life you’ll have your dream crushed by a thick white cloud over and over again. I know you have. You’ll share your dream with others expecting love and support, but what does one do when it get’s shut down? In a journey of success this will happen to you. There will be others […]