The Big Question

Finding meaning in life is something I question myself all the time how about you? What is the reason for our existence perhaps the answer to that question will put all us at ease. But how do we get there? What is our purpose in life? What is our mission? And for this reason we […]

The Meaning Of Life

What is our purpose? Ever questioned yourself this? As we look deep inside ourselves we come to realize some, not all that we are unhappy with our life. We are puzzled more because we don’t know why. But, we know why it is because we in some point of our lives have lost the meaning […]

Enjoy The Journey

Joy is found in the bits of pieces of any journey. Each stores memorable memories more valuable than the destination itself.   Living in the moment to moment is what makes life worth living. When you are in the happening you feel each animate object vividly, providing more than it appears to the naked eye. […]

Experiences vs. Goal

Reaching goals is more than just thinking and believing. It is about one very key essence that most people leave out of their formula. And by putting this key thing in your plan you’ll see your goals come to life. The secret ingredient is feeling(s). Without this ingredient you won’t see your goals materialize in […]