Man will become at peace with his mind once he becomes someone important or somebody in life. But as a man walks through life feeling like a nobody or someone insignificant to others and most of all himself he will have to continue this journey towards inner peace.


Man wants to feel important. He wants to become someone of significance for himself but there are obstacles he must face and overcome in order for him to die in peace or live peaceful.


In other words, man can achieve inner peace for himself but he has to go through a process of transforming himself into someone or something that will make him feel significant.


Once man feels important or feel that he is somebody he will achieve inner peace for himself. Other man will label it as happiness, tranquility or self-actualization. Nevertheless, man needs to feel and become somebody for him to be happy and feel peaceful.


That is why man is not at peace with himself. He needs to feel like somebody. Once he achieves this he will be at peace.




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