The Need For The Person To Grow Independently From It’s Parents

The human being needs to be happy and needs to do everything in its possible hands to achieve it, this is the only way we will finally be content with life and our selves.

When I talk about being happy there is one condition we need and that is the need to break away from the chain that wraps around our neck, our parents. It’s amazing how many of us do not reach our goals, be with the person we want to be with because our parents decide for us, control us and mingle their giant spoon in our soups.

This has to end.

In order for our self to flourish in this dangerous world we live in, we have to break away from those parents or family members that are a toxic for our own personal growth. It’s because of them we are not striving as happy human beings, it’s them that make our world miserable and dark. Don’t they know that overprotecting us is hurting us? Haven’t they figured that out yet? But they don’t listen even to that request. We want personal freedom but how?

It’s Time To Break Away Fast

The longer we stay dependent of our parents the greater our depression. Don’t you realize that we are hurting our selves? Yes, it’s fun and great at times when they resolve our issues without lifting a finger but, is this what we want for the rest of our adult life?

We need to become independent and feel complete in life through our own struggles , means , and resources. We need to execute our own decisions without them being doubted by our parents or others. Why can’t they believe in us? This is why we are depressed, we need to break free soon fast.

The question here is when will we have the balls to let go, be free and stop acting like a child and grow up? When will we say “enough is enough we want to grow ?” We must look at our selves honestly and say are we happy now? Will I be happy breaking away? Hell yes. What are we waiting for?

It’s time to become your own person. From this day on we will cut our umbilical cords from our mother or father and become someone new, someone happy for Gosh sakes.

The self will only grow when it’s free to make its own decisions. As soon as you began to cut your umbilical cord yourself from mommy and daddy that is when you’ll grow.

Leaving The Child Behind

You have no idea how great it feels to break away. Feeling free, independent and without the shadows of our parents overlooking our every move. Sometimes all it takes to get to this level is courage, find it. We don’t have to be depressed or pretend everything is fine under our parents wing, cut yourself loose and you’ll naturally grow. Try it.









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